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Sex Toy Guides

Amp up your sex play and try a metal sex toy!
Typically made with genuine metal material, such as solid steel, metal adult toys are uniquely designed to deliver arousing sensations to your sweet spots that you won’t find in other toys. Most metal-made toys have a slight weight to them that adds to the pressure you feel when using a metal sex toy, which enhances the pleasure you experience. Since metal sex toys are temperature-sensitive, you can experiment with temperature play by submerging  your new metal toy in warm water or chilling in the fridge. From butt plugs to dildos, metal adult toys come in a wide range of designs and functions. Find yours today with our guide!
  • 4 min read
Indulge in the thrills of the unique glass sex toy!
Sleek and stunning, these glass sex toys are beautifully designed and typically hand-blown for an authentic glass toy to suit your needs. From butt plugs to thick and realistically designed dildos, you can find glass sex toys in a variety of designs and sizes that beginners and experienced pleasure seekers can enjoy. Rigid in form and naturally cool in temperature, these versatile and temperature-sensitive toys let you explore all sorts of delightful sexual sensations. Add one of these erotic beauties to your own collection!
  • 3 min read
Work out your Kegel muscles with the perfect partner by choosing a Kegel health toy for your personal pleasure collection!
Your Kegel muscles are the ones that contract when you orgasm, and strengthening and maintaining these muscles will only help you have more satisfying sexual experiences, no matter your age. Not only do these Kegel-toning tools help you achieve more powerful orgasms, but they also aid in better bladder control, which is beneficial for when you enter your older years or if you have common bladder control issues.
Most Kegel health toys come with 2-3 weighted balls wrapped in silicone material and has a retrieval cord for extra security when you insert these balls inside your vagina. These balls, also known as love balls, are like dumbbells for your Kegels. Their main purpose is to encourage you to keep them in place by tightening your sex muscles around the balls to prevent them from slipping out of you. Some of these balls come in multiples and in various sizes and weights to give you a complete Kegel training kit.
For a more challenging and traditional Kegel exerciser, ben wa balls are a classic. Originating from Japan and often used in ancient times, these timeless vaginal muscle toners are simple weighted balls that come in pairs and are usually presented in a decorative box. For a Kegel toy that delivers bonus thrills while you exercise your muscles, try the vibrating love eggs, which have a handheld remote control either attached or are wireless to give you a convenient way to set your favorite vibrations. Experience more powerful orgasms and keep your favorite lady part tight and toned with the help of Kegel health toys!
  • 3 min read
Find the perfect sex toys to excite your sweet spots with our exclusive female intimate toy collection!
If you’re a woman who is new to adult toys or you’re a man looking for something sexy and stimulating for your special lady, our Women’s Sex Toys selection make it easy for you to find the best pleasure products to enhance your sexual experiences. Sensual vibrators, realistic dildos, Kegel-strengthening ben wa balls, and thrilling nipple enhancers are just some of the numerous sex toys catered to women. See for yourself the wide array of toys for ladies and build your own collection just for your personal pleasure!
  • 6 min read