Choosing The Best Kegel Exercisers For A Healthier & Tighter Vagina

Want to experience powerful orgasms and keep your vagina tight? It’s time to get your lady bits toned and stronger than ever with Kegel health toys! If you don’t know what Kegel muscles are, they’re the pelvic or vaginal muscles that contract when you have an orgasm and that keep your bladder in control. To feel them in action, focus on squeezing these muscles while you’re urinating; if your urine flow stops or slows down, that means you’re working the Kegels.

You may have heard of Kegel exercises that you can do to help strengthen those sex muscles, but they may be more challenging for you to do. That’s why Kegel-toning tools have been created to give you a workout partner! From Kegel exercisers to traditional ben wa balls, there’s an assortment of Kegel health tools to utilize for stronger vaginal muscles for better sex performance. For instance, if you enjoy using strapless dildos, but you don’t have the muscles to keep the bulb side inside you for long, you can train your Kegels enough to comfortably maintain the strapless dildo and give it more thrusting power. Check out the various types of Kegel toys you can use to keep your vagina from getting loose and lazy!

Kegel Exercisers & Sets

Work out your Kegel muscles with these specially designed exercisers! Kegel exercisers are weighted and act like dumbbells for your sex muscles. They come in a variety of designs that aren’t your typical ben wa balls or love beads. For instance, our featured Kegel exerciser below has a unique shape and is multipurpose for various pleasure pursuits. You’ll also find Kegel workout gear like the '3 Set' Lovelife Flex Kegel Weights by OhMiBod that come with multiple Kegel health toys for better training.

Featured Kegel Exerciser: Aneros Evi Hands-Free Kegel
Exerciser & Dildo

Aneros Evi Hands-Free Kegel Exerciser & Dildo

Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls are one of the oldest sex and Kegel health toys around, originating from Japan. You can say that the ben wa balls kickstarted a wide variety of Kegel exercisers since most have weighted balls. The main purpose of these delightful and effective workout spheres were for women to attain better sexual satisfaction for both themselves and their partners. Unlike more modern-styled Kegel workout balls that are connected and have a retrieval cord, such as the Embrace Vibrating Silicone Love Balls and the Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls, ben wa balls are separated. Place them inside you and tighten your pelvic muscles around the balls to keep them from slipping out or going in too deep. These balls are more challenging to use, so they’re best suited for more advanced Kegel-toning ball users.

Featured Ben Wa Balls: Opulent Weighted Pleasure Pearls

Opulent Weighted Pleasure Pearls

Vibrating Love Eggs & Remote Control Love Eggs

Want a Kegel-friendly sex toy that strengthens your sex muscles and can be used for clitoral stimulation with vibrational pleasure? Vibrating love eggs are just what you need for a versatile toy that does more than give you orgasms! Named after their egg-shaped bullet vibrators, these thrilling and egg-celent toys are similar in shape to the usual Kegel balls you see, but they’re longer in length. You can place the vibrator portion of this sex toy set inside you and squeeze your muscles around it in timed reps to exercise your Kegels.

For a more challenging workout, you get an egg vibrator with a wireless remote control like the Shane's World Hookup Remote Control Egg Vibe and tone your muscles even more by attempting to keep the egg in place. Another great benefit that comes with using a wireless remote control with a love egg is that you can let your partner surprise you with the vibrations and give them the power to control your pleasure while you exercise your vaginal muscles. Remote-controlled egg vibes give you the power to enhance sexual stimulation right in the palm of your hands for your convenience.

Featured Vibrating Love Egg: LELO Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg


To make your Kegel workouts more sexually stimulating, you can apply one of our stimulating lubricants on your clitoris or G-spot for intensified sensations. These types of gels are best used for vibrating love eggs since you can arouse your inner and outer sweet spots with their sensual vibrations. If you would like to make using Kegel health toys easier, try one of our female lubricants for effortless and comfortable insertion.

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