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Kegel Health Exercisers & Sets

Strengthen your Kegel sex muscles effortlessly with our best-selling Kegel tools and toys!

The Kegel muscles are the ones you feel contract when you orgasm, and you can make these muscles stronger to help you achieve even more pleasure in your sex life. Most Kegel exercise tools are designed for you to insert in your vagina and hold in place with your Kegel muscles. The go-to Kegel health toys are the ben wa balls or the exercisers. Ben wa balls are classic Kegel tools, originating in ancient Japan, that help keep your muscles tight and strong. On the other hand, Kegel exercisers are similar to ben wa balls, but they have a retrieval cord that makes it easy to remove the balls when you’re finished with your Kegel workouts. These types of toys are slightly weighted, making them the ideal dumbbells for your vagina muscles. Some sex toys can also double as Kegel health tools, such as egg vibrators, so that you get extra pleasure with your exercise. Find the best Kegel toys in our Top 50 Kegel Toys Collection!