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Anal sex toys come in an assortment of designs, and each one has its own pleasure purpose. Butt plugs, one of the classics of the anal toy category, are easy to use and delivers exciting backdoor stimulation without you having to do anything; thanks to the round base that prevents the toy from going in too deep, you can insert the plug and leave it in all day long for a secret indulgence only you know about. For beginners, you can try a butt plug or anal beads, which are strings of graduated beads that you can slip inside you one by one for easygoing anal play. Training kits like the COLT Anal Trainer Kit - 3 Butt Plugs also help beginners get used to the sensations of anal arousal. For anal sex enthusiasts who want more stimulation from their anal toys, you can upgrade to large anal toys that are jumbo-sized versions of your typical anal toy or an inflatable anal toy that expands inside you and enhances your pleasure in a unique and interesting way. Men, you’ll get the most backdoor bliss by using a prostate massager like the LELO LOKI Wave | rechargeable come hither motion prostate massager to excite the prostate erogenous zone for mind-blowing pleasure. Explore our wide range of anal sex toy options in our Top 50 Anal Sex Toys list and find more sexual delights to satisfy your naughty habits!