Choosing The Best Metal Sex Toy

Expand your sex toy collection and experience even greater sexual experiences with metal sex toys! Sleek and shiny, these metal-made toys are often designed with unique shapes and made with genuine metal material, such as steel. Most metal sex toys have a slight weight to them that intensifies the pressure on your sweet spots. They also have a naturally cool temperature, giving you an extra thrill that you’ll delight in; this also means that they’re temperature-sensitive, so you can explore with temperature play. These adult toys vary among different categories, including anal toys and dildos, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Here are several of our favorites listed below:

Gold 'Luv Plug' Heavy Anal Toy

As an erotic treasure in the anal toys collection, the Gold Luv Plug is made from genuine and hygienic metal material and has a weight to it that intensifies backdoor pleasure. This butt plug has a ribbed base to provide interesting sensations to your sweet spots. The petite size allows beginners to enjoy this golden anal plug, too.

Solid Steel Jeweled Butt Plug

Kink up your bedroom play with the solid steel jeweled butt plug! This beauty is made from steel metal and is accented with a jeweled base to make an eye-catching accessory for your rear. This toy is great to wear all day long, and the butt plug has a sleek, smooth surface with a traditional anal plug shape. You can also find ribbed solid steel butt plugs like the Small Jeweled Metal Ribbed Butt Plug.

100% Natural XL Black Fox Tail With Detachable Metal Butt Plug

If you’re looking to indulge in fetish play with your partner, try one our metal animal tail butt plugs like the Black Fox Tail! This tail specifically has a detachable butt plug so that you can use only the toy when you want, giving it a customizable option for you. You can also find bunny tail butt plugs like the Bunny Tail Metal Butt Plug if you want another type of animal tail. Animal tails come in faux and real fur material.

Metal Worx Curve Dildo

Slim and curved, the Metal Worx Dildo features a beaded design that looks similar to anal beads, so you can use this toy for both vaginal and anal pleasure. The curved form makes it easy for you to pinpoint your G-spot (women) or prostate (men) and give these highly sensitive erogenous zones exciting and direct stimulation. The firm pressure of the metal dildo will also enhance your pleasure.

You can read more about metal dildos specifically in our How To Choose The Perfect Dildo.

Aneros Tempo Stainless Steel S2 Anal Stimulator

Designed with a bulbous head and a slim body, the Aneros Tempo is made for anal stimulation, but can be used for vaginal penetration, too. The bulb-shaped head stretches you out for intense and mind-blowing sensations, and the slim and small body of this metal sex toy is great for beginners to experiment with.

Metal Worx Perfect Plug Steel Massager and Anal Toy

Sleek and stunning, the Metal Worx Perfect Plug features a large, curved head that presses against your sweet spots (G-spot or prostate) to heighten sensations and sensitivity. For a full and satisfying experience, this Perfect Plug is excellent to indulge in when you want a better and bigger anal toy to enjoy.

Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps

Want to take your nipple play up a notch? Try the Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps! These nipple clamps hold on firmly to your nipples with magnetic force and give you the appearance of nipple rings, which is eye candy for you and your lover. You can wear these even when you’re doing everyday tasks to keep your sexual senses strong and ready to unleash when you’re in the bedroom with your partner.

Metal Worx Mr. Smooth Steel Anal Probe Dildo

Shaped like a miniature baseball bat, the Metal Worx Mr. Smooth is a versatile anal probe and dildo toy featuring an enlarged head that presses against your hot spots and enhances stimulation. The simple form of the Mr. Smooth is great for beginners to try and explore anal pleasure as well as vaginal penetration.

Aneros Muze Stainless Steel Multifunction Vibrator

Feel the thrills of a metal-made classic vibrator like the Aneros Muze! This steel-made vibrator has a shiny and smooth surface that slides inside you effortlessly for gentle, yet exciting, inner stimulation. You can also glide the vibrator over your external pleasure zones like the clitoris. The metal on your sensitive spots will give you more to explore when it comes to sex toys so that you can feel the naturally cool and silky smooth metal material on your skin.

Metal Worx Luv Anal Plug

Perfect for prostate stimulation, the Metal Worx Luv Anal Plug has a wide, angled head that pinpoints the male G-spot for effortless anal arousal that you can depend on. The larger sized butt plug is excellent for experienced anal pleasure seekers who want a bigger and better anal sex toy. The sleek metal makes the Metal Worx anal plug even more thrilling to use.

Make sure you have lubricant on hand before you enjoy your new metal sex toy. You can find high-quality, long-lasting lubricants in our Sex Essentials Collection. Remember to use anal hygiene tools to make your anal sexperience better and safer.

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