Beginner's Buying Guide To Women's Sex Toys

Looking to spice up your sex life with yourself or your lover? This buyer’s guide for female sex toys is excellent for women who are just getting started with their first sex toys or want to see what other types of intimate toys are designed just for the ladies. From vibrators to ben wa balls, here is the list of exciting favorites from the female adult toy collection:


One of the best-selling female sex toys on the market, vibrators are a must-have for every woman. With the various vibration modes, stimulating shapes and sizes, and versatility of use, vibrators offer plenty of pleasure points that women love to indulge in. As part of our special guide for women’s intimate toys, we’ll highlight some of the most popular vibrators in this section. If you’d like to learn more about vibrators and all the different kinds, read our Big Guide To Buying The Best Vibrator and check out our Vibrator Buying Guides library.

Rabbit Vibrators

Originating in Japan, rabbit vibrators have been around for years and continues to be one of the most loved women’s toys. Most rabbit vibes are dual stimulators, giving you G-spot and clitoral excitement simultaneously. Loaded with multiple vibrations, these sensual bunny vibes have a signature clit tickler shaped as a rabbit that teases and tantalizes your hot button. Some rabbit vibrating toys are simply clitoral vibrators like the Le Reve 3 Speed Waterproof Bunny Vibrator, but they have the charming bunny design.

Read our more detailed guide on rabbit vibrators to discover interesting information about these classic pleasure wands.

Featured Rabbit Vibrator: Sex and the City Rabbit Habit Vibrator - "The Rolls Royce of Vibrators"

Sex and the City Rabbit Habit Vibrator - "The Rolls Royce of Vibrators"

Clitoral Vibrators

If clitoral stimulation is what leads you to thigh-quivering orgasms and have only been using your hands to get your hot button going, it’s time to upgrade and introduce your clitoris to the intense thrills of a clitoral vibrator! Perfect for on-the-go pleasure, most clitoral vibes fit right in the palm of your hand like the LELO Mia 2 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator for discreet stimulation. From bullet vibrators to remote-controlled vibes, clit-stimulating sex toys are designed in an assortment of stimulating shapes and offer extra erotic functions, such as mimic oral sex sensations, that make your personal pleasure time more exciting.

Explore the wonders of a clitoral vibrator with this detailed guide we’ve created just for you: Your Guide To Buying The Best Clitoral Vibrator.

Featured Clitoral Vibrator: Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Rechargeable Vibrators

Tired of replacing the batteries in your vibrating toys? Get a more eco-friendly and cost-effective sex toy with a rechargeable vibrator! Some of these high-tech are cordless and have a charging base like the Jimmyjane FORM 2 24K Gold Luxury Edition Clitoral Vibe while other rechargeable vibes have USB cords to charge directly to your laptop or computer. You can also find vibrators with an adapter plug like the Freestyle G Vibe comes with.

Featured Rechargeable Vibrator: LELO Iris Bestselling Vibrator

LELO Iris Bestselling Vibrator

Luxury Vibrators

Pamper yourself with the best of the best! Luxury vibrators are extravagant and high-end pleasure gadgets for your personal collection. Made from topnotch material and advanced technology, luxury vibes are the key to sexual indulgence; you’ll feel the difference!

Find more information on these vibrators in our extended and detailed Luxury Vibrator Guide.

Featured Luxury Vibrator: Jopen Vanity VR9 Luxury G-Spot Vibrator

Jopen Vanity VR9 Luxury G-Spot Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrators

Have you ever heard of squirting, female ejaculation or vaginal orgasms? The clitoris isn’t the only sweet spot that helps most women reach body-rockin’ climaxes! The G-spot is an internal female erogenous zone in the vagina, so it can be hard to reach for many women. With G-spot vibrators, though, stimulating your G-spot and achieving G-spot orgasms is 10 times easier compared to using your hand. You can tell that a vibrator will help you reach this elusive hot spot by the shape. If it has a curved body or angled tip, you’ll know that the vibe has the perfect form for G-spot stimulation.

Read our guide on G-spot vibrators for details on how to find your G-spot and the different kinds of G-spot vibes that you can use.

Featured G-Spot Vibrator: Doc Johnson Lucid Dream 9 Inch G-Spot Vibrator No. 14

Doc Johnson Lucid Dream 9 Inch G-Spot Vibrator No 14


When you need a partner up and ready to please you, dildos are a must-have in your secret drawer of naughty goods. Most dildos are realistically designed to look and feel like a man’s real penis and feature details like bulging veins, giving you a more intimate sex toy that you can use to fulfill your fantasies. No matter your experience level, dildos come in different sizes to fit your needs; if you’re looking for more stretching and stuffing action, large dildos and porn star dildos satisfy size queens who want a bigger dong for extra exhilarating sensations and orgasms. For a more versatile dildo, you can try one with a suction cup as the base so that you can stick the toy anywhere, from the floor to the shower wall, and ride the dildo any way you want! Learn more about the wide variety of dildos and how to choose the right one for you in our exclusive dildo buying guide.

Featured Dildo: Real Feel Deluxe No.12 Realistic Vibrating 12 Inch Suction Dildo

Real Feel Deluxe No.12 Realistic Vibrating 12 Inch Suction Dildo

Anal Toys

If you want to dive into the kinky world of anal sex, female-friendly anal sex toys are just what you need to prep yourself for all sorts of backdoor pleasure! Delicate anal beads, simple and traditional butt plugs, and even elegant animal tail plugs are just a few of the countless anal sex toys you can explore. Make sure you’re properly lubricated with one of our anal lubricants to bring out the pure pleasure you can receive from anal stimulation. For more anal sex essentials, be sure to check out our Better Anal Sex Collection for handy tools like anal cleansing douches and lubricant applicators.

Featured Anal Toy: Fashionistas Feather Bunny Tail Large
Glass Butt Plug

Fashionistas Feather Bunny Tail Large Glass Butt Plug

Ben Wa Balls

Tighten up your pussy for stronger orgasms and more pleasure for you and your partner with ben wa balls! Originating from Japan and popular among the geishas in the past, ben wa balls are unique Kegel health exercisers that are meant to be placed in your vagina and held in place with your Kegel muscles (also known as sex muscles, orgasm muscles, and vaginal muscles). These balls are also weighted to give you more of a challenge; they’re just like dumbbells for your Kegels. Traditional ben wa balls come in pairs like the Fetish Fantasy Ben Wa Balls and Metallic Weighted Orgasm Balls, but you can also find these Kegel exerciser balls that have a cord for effortless retrieval whenever you’re ready to pull out the balls; e.g., Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure Silicone Ben Wa Balls and Lia Silicone Pelvic Love Balls.

Featured Ben Wa Balls: CyberGlass Ben Wa Balls

CyberGlass Ben Wa Balls

Nipple Toys

Love having your nipples teased? Step up the nipple play with these sexy nipple toys! For a little extra BDSM action, you can try adjustable nipple clamps such as the Fetish Fantasy Alligator Nipple Clamps or nipple clamps with added weight to them for a stimulating tug on your nipples like the Weighted Nipple Clamps; some nipple toys have vibration functions for added excitement. If you want to make your nipples bigger in size and more sensitive to the touch, nipple enhancers (e.g., MAXXX Powerful Nipple Suckers) are just the tools you need to make your nipples grow in size and be stimulated even more.

Featured Nipple Toy: Vibrating E-Zone Nipple Arousers

Vibrating E-Zone Nipple Arousers

Essentials for Her

Complete your sex toy collection with a variety of sex-enhancing essentials just for women! From personal lubricants and stimulating gels to clitoral pumps and massagers, Essentials for Her is a special assortment of goods handpicked for women to enjoy better sex with themselves or with their lovers. If you have run out of lubricants or want to find other ways to heighten your sexual experiences, make our collection your go-to stop for all your naughty needs.

Featured Sex Essential for Her: Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel


Although we’ve outlined the most popular intimate products for women in this guide, you can still find even more sex toys to try by visiting our Sex Toy Guides page. Since many sex toys are catered to women, you can find suitable ones to add to your secret stash.

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