Beginner's Buying Guide to Male Sex Toys

Beginner's Buying Guide to Male Sex Toys

Now men can have enhanced personal pleasure with specialized sex toys made just for them! If you’re looking for an intimate product that takes your usual masturbation routine to the next level or you’re searching for the perfect toy to use with your partner, our exclusive Sex Toys for Men Collection is a showcase of intriguing and stimulating tools for you to use to heighten your sexual senses, fulfill your fantasies, and experience more mind-blowing orgasms. This guide will show you the wide variety of arousing sex toys men can add to their own collection.


Cleverly camoflauged as a flashlight, Fleshlights are innovative and popular sex toys for men that feature a realistic vagina sleeve inside made from high-quality, lifelike material and designed with textures that give the toy that real feel. Easy to use, these sensational realistic sex toys for men make masturbation better than ever. Some Fleshlights have a mouth or a butt design instead of a vagina so that you can play out your anal and oral sex fantasies. For more fantasy play, you can even find Fleshlights molded from real-life porn stars such as Remy Lacroix and Jessie Andrews. Add a Fleshlight to your personal pleasure collection for realistic entertainment any time!

Featured Fleshlight: Main Squeeze™ Sasha Grey P—ssy

Cock Rings

If you want to make your erection bigger and fuller, use these simple sex accessories! Cock rings, also known as erection or penis rings and C-rings, are a must-have for any man’s toy box. These rings are designed to slow down blood flow and enhance the size of your member by wrapping the rings around your cock and even your testicles. Erection rings can come in doubles like the Optimale Vibrating Double C Ring to separate the rings for the penis and balls; some C-rings, though, are large enough to stretch over both areas so that you don’t have to use two rings. From stretchy silicone to firm metal, you can find these male sex accessories made from a variety of material to suit your preferences.

Featured Cock Ring: Dr. Joel Adjustable Erection Enhancer Ring

Dr. Joel Adjustable Erection Enhancer Ring

Male Masturbators

Tired of using your hand for your masturbation sessions? Add more variety to your self-pleasure routine with a male masturbator! Fleshlights and realistic butts and vagina models are examples of masturbation aids to enhance stimulation. You can also find unique masturbators like our Featured Male Masturbator that are well-disguised and travel-friendly compared to their realistic counterparts.

Featured Male Masturbator: PDX Extreme Rechargeable Roto-Bator Mouth - Rotating and Thrusting

Male Vibrators

Have you ever wondered what a vibrator feels like for you? Women’s vibrators are one of the best sellers on the market, but men can enjoy the arousing sensations of a vibrator, too! Most vibrators for men will be for the prostate, a hidden erogenous zone in the anal area that delivers orgasmic sensations to your body when stimulated. Other male vibrators include vibrating cock rings for external stimulation, which can be used with your partner.

Featured Male Vibrator: Anal Fantasy Elite Collection Remote Control P-Spot PRO

Penis Pumps & Enlargers

Cock rings can make your cock bigger and better, but so can penis pumps and enlargers! Penis pumps are meant to increase your girth and length easily as well as making your cock more sensitive to the touch. These effective penis enlargers have two main components that help your member grow naturally: an airtight tube for the penis to go in and a handheld pump to tighten the tube around the penis. This suction action created by the penis pump is an effective way to make your pecker bigger naturally for intercourse or masturbation.

Featured Penis Pump: Master Gauge Advanced Hi-Tech Penis Pump

Penis Sleeves & Extensions

If you want to give your cock an instant boost in size for your partner or turn your member into a textured dildo toy, try a penis sleeve or extension! Penis sleeves like the Adonis® Extension Textured Exterior have a textured design to make thrusting in and out of your partner more interesting and stimulating; all you need to do is slip it over your penis like a condom and go about your naughty deed with your lover. To make your cock longer and thicker, a penis extension such as the Fantasy X-tensions Perfect Extension is just what you need to give your partner a more sexually gratifying experience.

Featured Penis Extension: Perfect Fit The XPLAY® Breeder Sleeve

Prostate Massagers

The prostate, also known as the male G-spot or the p-spot, is one of the most sensitive spots on the male body. Located in front of the anal canal, the prostate can be stimulated so that you can achieve explosive p-spot orgasms. However, for most men, the prostate isn’t easy to reach: You’ll need a prostate massager to give this hidden pleasure zone. Perfectly shaped to hit the right spot every time, prostate massagers are anal sex toys that typically have a curved body or angled tip to provide direct stimulation to the male G-spot. Some prostate massagers double as vibrators to send more exciting sensations to your prostate.

Featured Prostate Massager: Lelo Loki Rechargeable Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager

Realistic Butts and Realistic Vaginas

Have a partner ready for all your naughty fantasies with a realistic butt or vagina masturbator! These elaborate and lifelike models of your favorite parts are specifically designed to give you a more realistic masturbation experience. Some of these male sex toys include both a butt and vagina for you to enjoy. From pocket pussies and Fleshlights to full bodies, these arousing toys give you the perfect outlet to release your sexual tension and make your fantasies a reality.

Featured Realistic Masturbator: Maddie - Vibrating Butt Missionary

TENGA & Flip Hole

TENGA, a Japanese company that creates intimate items for men, is a revolutionary masturbator product that is carefully designed to give men a more sexually rewarding experience for their solo sessions. TENGA’s original products, the TENGA Egg and Flip Hole, are featured here at Simpli Pleasure’s store. TENGA Flip Hole is a handheld masturbator with a realistic pussy look and feel; the textured design inside of the Flip Hole is unique for each variety, so every inch of you receives orgasmic stimulation. For a more flexible sex toy, the TENGA Egg is ideal. These one-of-a-kind male toys each have their own textures for extra sensations while you slide and stretch the Egg over your penis. High-quality and safe to use, TENGA’s male pleasure products are perfectly sized for portability. TENGA will be your new best friend for all your masturbation needs!

Featured TENGA: TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

Hollow Strap On

If you want to make sex better for you and your partner by giving your penis an instant extension, a hollow strap on is one of the optimal ways to improve intercourse. Just like the name suggests, this type of strap-on tool features a dildo with a hollowed center that is large enough to place a flaccid or semi-hard penis inside. This is a fantastic solution for men who have erectile dysfunction; who want to extend their lovemaking with their partner after orgasming; and who want to give their lover a larger and longer cock for better inner stimulation. Most hollow strap ons come in sets for your convenience.

Featured Hollow Strap On: Fetish Fantasy 9" Vibrating Hollow Strap-on

When you purchase one or more of the men’s sex toys highlighted in this guide, be sure to use them with lubricants from our Sex Essentials Collection. For instance, if you want a truly realistic experience with a Fleshlight, use a warming lubricant instead of a regular lubricant to amp up your pleasure. 

If you’re looking for more sex toys to try or want to surprise your lover with a new toy, check out our other Sex Toy Guides.

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