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Male Sex Toy Buying Guides

Make your fantasies come to life withsex dolls!
Sex dolls are innovative and fun sex toys for men that allow them to simulate sexual acts (vaginal, oral, and anal). Many love dolls come with multiple orifices to give you more variety, and you can stuff these holes with a realisticmale masturbator like a Pocket Pussy to give your sex doll a more lifelike feel and appearance. Perfect for practicing different sex positions or roleplaying fun, sex dolls vary in design, so you can find the perfect one for you. Read our guide for more information.
  • 3 min read
Experience unique and explosive orgasms with prostate massagers!
Exclusively designed for men,prostate massagers have a curved shaft or angled tip that provides direct p-spot stimulation for maximum pleasure and mind-blowing climaxes. Now this once hard-to-reach area isn’t so difficult to reach anymore! Whether you want a prostate-stimulating sex toy with a slender frame for beginner-friendly fun or a large and challenging anal sex toy for extra intense pleasure, you can find plenty of styles of prostate massagers for your needs; some even double as male vibrators for even more arousal! Get one of these p-spot massagers to make masturbation or couples play more thrilling for you. Read our guide for more information.
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Make your manhood perform better than ever with a penis sleeve!
Penis sleeves and extensions are innovative and easy-to-use sex toy accessories that men can use to increase their penis size instantly or to give their penis added textures to increase internal stimulation for their partners. From simple and stretchy textured sleeves to penis extensions that add inches to your length and girth, our penis sleeves come in a wide range of styles for you to choose from. Great for improving your sex life with your lover, these sex toy accessories make sex more exciting and satisfying for you both. Read more about these sex toys in our guide.
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Give you hand a break and get one of our male masturbators!
If you want to make your masturbation experiences better than ever, have more mind-blowing orgasms, and play out your fantasies,male masturbators are a must-have for every man who wants to amp up his personal pleasure. From the best-selling Fleshlight to life-sized realistic ass and vagina dolls, you can find all sorts of male masturbators to satisfy your needs. Read our guide for more information and to see details on the various male strokers and masturbators we carry.
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Give your cock a boost in size with a penis pump!
These are essential tools for men to help them increase their length and girth for better sexual experiences.Penis pumps are easy and effective to use, and they’re designed to create a suction-type action as you squeeze the attached pump to make your penis grow stronger and fuller with every pump. Not only do penis pumps help enlarge your manhood, but they also help enhance the sexual sensations and sensitivity you feel, which make any type of sex act better than ever. Read our Penis Pump Guide to find out more about penis pumps and see which one is the best fit for you.
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Men, make theFleshlight your go-to sex toy to satisfy your needs!
These realistically designed male sex toys feature a textured sleeve on the inside of a flashlight-like outer cover. Soft and lifelike, the Fleshlight sleeve grips onto your erection and stimulates you to mind-blowing climaxes. Fleshlights come in a wide range of texture styles and opening designs, such as vaginal love holes and butt openings, to allow you to make your fantasies come to life and let you experiment with delightful sensations; you can even find Fleshlights that vibrate to double the pleasure! Besides your personal pleasure, you can use these innovative and realistic male masturbators training tools to help you build endurance to last longer in the bedroom, try out various stroking speeds, and more. Get your Fleshlight today and read our guide to help you find the perfect one!
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Make your solo or lovemaking sessions more fulfilling with male sex toys!

Women aren’t the only ones who can have fun with intimate toys. Men, you can find the perfect sex toy partner for all your naughty needs. From the best-selling Fleshlight and elaborate realistic butt toys to the simple cock ring and penis pump, men have plenty of ways to intensify personal pleasure while masturbating or engaging in other sexual acts. Some intimate items are meant to be for masturbation purposes only, such as the Fleshlight, the TENGA Flip Hole and Egg, and realistic butts and vaginas; you can share the moment with your lover by letting them take the reins. If you want to increase your cock’s size naturally or make your erection more sensitive to the touch, try a penis pump or a cock ring to enlarge your penis for a more satisfying sexual experience. Find all you need for male pleasure in our collection!

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