Beginners Guide To Buying The Best Butt Plug

Arousing your backdoor erogenous zone is simple with a butt plug! These classic anal sex toys have a simple cone-like or spherical shape with a rounded or pointed tapered tip for easier insertion and maximum stretching pleasure. But that’s just for the traditional butt plugs. These pleasure toys now have a wide variety of designs and styles that give you even more butt plug fun, so read through this guide to see the different types of anal plugs and see which ones you’d like to add to your own secret stash of erotic goods!

Animal Tail Butt Plugs

Unleash the animal in you with these fun anal sex toy accessories! Animal tail butt plugs bring extra kinky play to the bedroom; your lover will be watching you all day long with one of these butt plugs inside you! From rabbits to ponies, these anal sex toys borrow the design of various animal tails to give your tush an adorable, yet erotic, accessory piece. Most of these types of anal plugs are made from glass, which makes them easy to slide inside you and comfortable to wear for hands-free backdoor pleasure.

Featured Animal Tail Butt Plug: Faux Fox Butt Plug Flexible Anal Plug

Beginner Butt Plugs

Excellent as starter butt plugs to help prep you for the big guns, these beginner-friendly anal sex toys are petite enough to provide a sample of the thrills you’ll get if you use a plug for stimulating your backdoor hot spot. If you want to go small before going big, try these perfectly sized miniature butt plugs to give yourself a taste of what’s to come when you pursue even greater anal play adventures.

Featured Beginner Butt Plug: SIMPLI Vibrating Plug 03 Silicone with Remote

Butt Plug Sets

Get an all-in-one anal sex toy set with a butt plug kit! Most butt plug sets feature a small collection of anal toys in various sizes that help you train your booty for bigger and better anal plugs. Some butt plug toy collections have a diverse assortment of anal-arousing delights like the Deluxe Anal Toy Kit and the Crystal Jellies® Anal Delight Trainer Kit, which make convenient sets that you can use to explore your backdoor sweet spot.

Featured Butt Plug Set: SIMPLI Vibrating Plug Set 04 Silicone with Remote

Glass Butt Plugs

With its rigid and thrilling form, a glass butt plug is made from one-of-a-kind material that delivers intense pressure to your tush and makes anal stimulation stronger. Glass-made intimate toys are often made with unique designs that have textured surfaces to massage your sensitive inner walls for enhanced pleasure; you’ll also find glass butt plugs with simple and smooth surfaces for effortless insertion.

Featured Glass Butt Plug: Icicles No. 27 Glass Pink Butt Plug

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Feel your toy expand inside you and customize the size of your butt plug with an inflatable anal sex toy! Innovative and heavenly, inflatable anal plugs can grow in girth to stretch your booty even more for mind-blowing sensations. If you want to have a plug where you can have multiple sizes in one, take home an inflatable butt plug for your sex toy box.

Featured Inflatable Butt Plug: Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug Expandable Plug

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Glam up your tush with one of these stunners! As the name suggests, jeweled butt plugs have a special rhinestone gem on the end of the toy to make your booty sparkle with erotic fun. Most of these glamorous anal toys are made with genuine metal or high-quality silicone material, giving you a sleek and smooth toy for effortless insertion and comfortable play.

Featured Jeweled Butt Plug: Booty Bling™ Small Jeweled Base Silicone Plug

Large Butt Plugs

If you’ve already had countless anal sex adventures, and your current anal sex toys aren’t giving you 100 percent sexual satisfaction, it’s time to upgrade to a large butt plug! These butt plug giants are wider girths and longer lengths to provide maximum stretching pleasure and go deeper inside you. Large butt plugs come in a wide selection of designs, from glass-made to animal tail, so you can find a butt plug that looks similar to your other toys, but is larger in size.

Featured Large Butt Plug: Anal Fantasy Large Silicone Plug
X-Large Butt Plug

Metal Butt Plugs

Commonly made with topnotch and genuine stainless steel, metal butt plugs give you thrills that only a metal-made sex toy can. For instance, metal toys have extra weight to them, which creates delightful and satisfying sensations, and these toys are also temperature-sensitive so that you can indulge in temperature play. Though some metal butt plugs have the traditional conical shape, you can also find them in unique shapes, which is similar to how glass dildos are made.

Featured Metal Butt Plug: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

Non-Vibrating Butt Plugs & Vibrating Butt Plugs

Non-vibrating butt plugs is a special category we have here at Simpli Pleasure that showcases a wide range of anal plugs that don’t have a vibrator function. If you’re looking for a non-vibrating anal sex toy, you can browse through this category. On the other hand, if you want an anal arousal tool that delivers extra tingles of stimulation, vibrating butt plugs are fantastic upgrades to the conventional butt plug. Some of these vibrating anal sex toys have a bullet vibrator inserted in the body that have a one-push activation button to turn on the vibration modes. Others have remote controls attached to the toy for handheld convenience. Inflatable butt plugs, beginner-friendly butt plugs, and large butt plugs are just some of the various types of plugs you’ll find in this exciting collection.

Featured Vibrating Butt Plug: SIMPLI Vibrating Plug 02 Silicone with Removable Bullet Vibe
Silicone Plug

Since your anal canal doesn’t produce natural lubricant, it’s important to generously slather your anal sex toys and yourself with special anal lubricant, which you can find in our Sex Essentials Collection. Lubricant is necessary to stay comfortable and enhance your pleasure, so we highly recommend you lube up before trying any anal sex toy no matter the size. You can also try an anal relaxing spray or lubricant such as the Anal Lube Anal Glide to keep your anal muscles relaxed and ready to be teased and pleased. Find more goodies in our Better Anal Sex Collection!

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