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Butt Plug Buying Guides

Enter the world of anal sex and start with a sensual butt plug!


These butt plugs are one of the best-selling anal sex toys on the market, and for good reason. Designed with a signature cone-like or spherical head and tapered shape, these timeless anal sex toys are easy to use and give you a satisfying stretch for mind-blowing backdoor stimulation. Anal plugs are made for safe backdoor play thanks to the handles or retrieval ring at the base of the toy, which prevents the toy from sliding in too deep and saves you from being a story at a doctor’s dinner party! Although most butt plugs have the traditional design, there are also ones that have unique forms and functions that deliver exciting arousal. Inflatable butt plugs, anal sex toys with faux animal tails, vibrating anal plugs, and butt plug toy sets are just a few of the numerous kinds of butt plugs available, so be sure to browse through our selection of these sensational adult toys to find the perfect plug for your booty!

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