Beginners Guide To Anal Sex Toys!

Anal sex is no longer a huge taboo in the sex world! With plenty of anal sex toys for you to indulge in anal play, exploring the realm of backdoor pleasure worth the body-rockin’ stimulation you’ll get with these types of intimate products. These distinct sex toys come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that anyone from any experience level can enjoy. Read our handy guide here on to see how you can give your tush all the naughty loving it deserves.

Anal Beads

Slim and small, anal beads are the perfect starter toy for all your backdoor pleasure curiosities. Typical anal beads have a graduated bead shape where the first bead is the smallest and the last bead is the largest. This design isn’t just to make the toy look appealing: By having a line of spheres that gradually get bigger as you slide the toy deeper inside you, you can experiment with sizes and pop in one bead at a time at your own pace. Some anal beads like our featured anal bead and the Flexa Pleaser Anal Beads have beads that are the same size, but are still small enough for comfortable backdoor fun for novices. You’ll also find that some anal beads are ball-shaped like the Power Balls Large Anal Beads.

Featured Anal Beads: VeDO Quaker Anal Vibrator Vibrating Beads

Anal Dildos

For the more advanced beginner or anal sex toy expert, anal dildos are specially designed for backdoor penetration, similar to how regular dildos are commonly used for vaginal stimulation. Great for anal play enthusiasts who want a more satisfying anal sex toy, anal dildos fill you up more than slimmer toys do like anal beads. You’ll find that many of these dildos have a curved body or angled tip that is exclusively for prostate stimulation for men. The prostate (p-spot or male G-spot) is an ultra-sensitive male erogenous zone that delivers intense sensations when stimulated. To make the p-spot easier to reach, prostate massagers or curved anal dildos like the Icicles No. 46 Glass Prostate Massager give you that extension you need to arouse your prostate. For a special dildo that’s just for your backdoor hot spot, try one of these sensational anal dildos!

Featured Anal Dildo: Tantus Silk Medium Silicone Dildo

Anal Probes

Designed for deeper anal penetration, anal probes allow you to enjoy more anal adventures. These probes tend to be slimmer and smaller than anal dildos, but you can also find a wide range of anal probes to enjoy that come in various sizes and designs.

Featured Anal Probes: Dr. Joel Kaplan Power Prostate Probe

Anal Hygiene

One of the major concerns that people have when it comes to anal play is how to stay sanitized and clean for a better experience for yourself or with your partner. Anal hygiene is crucial since having anal sex, whether your toys or lover, can spread bacteria and other impurities that you don’t want. Prep yourself easily with a special anal hygiene tool! One of the easiest and best ways for you to cleanse yourself is to use a douche such as California Exotics Anal Douche that squirts water inside your anal canal and helps flush out any impurities. These anal douches commonly have a slim nozzle for easy insertion; some also have extra nozzles in different shapes and sizes to give you a dose of pleasure while you cleanse. Maintain your anal hygiene with these handy toys so that you can enjoy backdoor stimulation with your toys or your partner!

Featured Anal Hygiene Tool: Fresh Plus Flex Tip Anal Douche For Anal Prep 11.8 oz

California Exotics COLT Beaded Anal Douche

Jeweled Anal Toys

Pamper your booty with a jeweled anal toy! Most of these types of anal toys are butt plugs with a large and colorful rhinestone crystal on the end of the plug to give it an extra sparkle. Your mate will love checking you out with this eye-catching and sexy anal toy inside your backdoor love hole! From silicone to metal, these glammed up toys make fun and stellar anal sex toy accessories for you to wear any time.

Featured Jeweled Anal Toy: Booty Bling™ Small Jeweled Base Silicone Plug

Beginner Anal Toys

Designed to be more manageable than larger anal sex toys, these beginner-friendly anal pleasure tools are ideal for anyone who is new to the realm of anal sex. Anal beads, small butt plugs, beginner-friendly glass anal probes, and slim anal dildos are just a handful of the numerous anal toys that are crafted for beginners.

Featured Beginner Anal Toy: Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Pearls Vibrating Beads

Anal Toy Kits

Get a complete anal sex toy set or train your booty and prep it for bigger anal toys with a handy anal toy kit! You’ll find two major types of anal toy kits: one with a variety of toys for you to use to explore your backdoor hot spot and one that comes with butt plugs or other anal adult toys in varying sizes to help you adjust to larger ones. Our Featured Anal Toy Kit is an example of a collection with a diverse set of anal toys for you to experiment with. The SIMPLI Vibrating Plug Set 04  is an example of an assortment of anal sex toys in different sizes, from small to large, to help you train your booty for bigger and better backdoor pleasure tools later. Start off using the smallest toy of the set and work your way up to the bulkier sized toys until you get more comfortable with using anal toys. They’re the perfect way to give you the anal pleasure you’re looking for at your own pace and preferences and to use to expand your sexual horizons!

Featured Anal Toy Kit: Anal Fantasy Deluxe Fantasy Kit

Deluxe Anal Toy Kit: 6 Toys Included + a Free Anal Prep Kit!

Butt Plug Toys

As the classic toy for anal bliss, butt plugs have the simplest shape of all backdoor pleasure gear, but they still deliver intense and exciting stimulation that will leave you gasping for air. Traditional butt plugs have a cone-like shape that has a pointed or rounded tapered tip for effortless insertion. For safety purposes, most butt plugs have a retrieval ring or curved or straight handles at the end to ensure that the toy doesn’t go too deep inside you. If you’re looking for an unconventional, yet sensational, butt plug, you can find a range of uniquely designed plugs that will arouse you in ways that a traditional butt plug can’t do. They have a one-of-a-kind build that makes anal stimulation interesting and arousing, which is excellent for those who are looking for a different type of butt plug for their collection.

Featured Butt Plug: Anal Fantasy Vibrating Perfect Butt Plug

Glass Anal Toys

Glass-made toys are beautiful erotic sculptures that send exhilarating thrills to your pleasure zones. If you love the unique stimulation that glass sex toys provide, then you’ll love experimenting with glass anal probes, butt plugs, and more! These irresistible and functional works of art each have their own pleasure-enhancing form. Temperature-sensitive, these naturally cool sex toys send arousing sensations to your backdoor sweet spot and can be warmed or chilled for temperature play.

Featured Glass Anal Toy: Icicles No. 48 Glass Butt Plug
with Flower Base

Inflatable Anal Toys

Though there are countless anal sex toys from miniature to gigantic sizes to accommodate all experience levels, if you want a more minimalistic sex toy collection and want an all-in-one toy, try an inflatable anal butt plug. These butt plugs start out with their natural size, but can expand in girth to give you a more satisfying stretching sensations and fill you up with knee-buckling pleasure. An attached pump inflates the toy while it’s inside you so that you can feel the toy growing bigger, which delivers incredible sensations you won’t find with any other sex toy on the market. Some of these innovative anal intimate toys even have vibrator functions for extra naughty tingles for you to enjoy.

Featured Inflatable Anal Toy: Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug Expandable Plug

Large Anal Toys

Can’t get enough of anal play and want to go bigger? Large anal toys are just what you need to achieve the ultimate anal stimulation. From realistic dildos that can be used for anal arousal to supersized butt plugs, large anal sex toys are a diverse bunch, so you’ll be able to find the most suitable and jumbo-sized toy for your backdoor sweet spot.

Featured Large Anal Toy: 'Mega' Huge Anal Plug in Black Silicone

'Mega' Huge Anal Plug in Black Silicone + Free Anal Prep Kit!

Male Prostate Massagers

Located in front of the anal canal, the prostate is a male erogenous zone that’s super sensitive and similar to the female’s G-spot. When stimulated, many men experience a prostate orgasm that leaves them breathless. But this hard-to-reach area gets the right amount of pressure with a male prostate massager. These cleverly curved pleasure wands give the prostate direct stimulation so that you can feel the mind-blowing thrills instantly. Some massagers vibrate as well so that you can deliver even more stimulation to this nerve-rich spot.

Featured Male Prostate Massager: LELO Billy 2 Rechargeable vibrating dildo

LELO Billy Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager

Metal Anal Toys

If you’re searching for an anal sex toy that isn’t made from silicone, rubber or other material that you may be allergic to or you simply want to explore your anal toy options, these metal-made butt plugs are just the toy you need to reach exciting backdoor bliss in a unique way. High-quality, genuine metal intimate toys are heavier than most sex toys, and that’s one of the most delightful features that they have. Sleek and smooth, these hypoallergenic metal-crafted pleasure toys slip inside you easily for effortless anal play.

Featured Metal Anal Toys: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

Small Anal Toys

For shallow thrusting and minimal stretching, small anal toys make the best beginners anal sex toys due to their size. You can get a sample of backdoor pleasure and test to see if it’s something you’d like to pursue further with larger or different anal toys by first using one of these small-sized ones.

Featured Small Anal Toy: Dual Penetrator Realistic 5 Inch Vibrator Anal Bead Combo

Dual Penetrator Realistic 5 Inch Vibrator Anal Bead Combo

Since the anal canal is dry and doesn’t have any natural lubrication, we always recommend that you use a high-quality, long-lasting anal lubricant, which you can find in our Anal Lubricants Collection. These lubricants are specially formulated to give you comfort when you use anal sex toys. If you need help applying enough lubricant inside your anal canal, grab a pack of the Cal Exotics Lube Tube Applicator, which are tubes that push lubricant inside you with ease and ensures that you’re completed coated.

Lube Tube Applicator 2 Pack

For men who want more prostate arousal or to make it easier to excite their prostate, you can apply a prostate-stimulating gel. These types of gels heighten sensitivity to make prostate pleasure even more pronounced and better than ever when you use a prostate massager or vibrator.

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