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Let's Fool Around Dice Game



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Product Description

Let your inner teenager run wild with the "Let's Fool Around" Dice Game! With this exciting dice game, you'll add more spontaneity and spice to your love life.

Make your sex life more adventurous with this thrilling sex game! You'll be on your toes all night long while playing this dice game with your partner.

The "Let's Fool Around" Dice Game includes one silver die with actions on it such as "kiss" and "suck". The other four dice are labeled with body parts.

To get the fun started, roll the silver dice and one (or more) of the colored dice to find out the next action your partner will perform. It's an exciting game where you'll never know what sexy action you'll have done on you!

You can also play with a group or another couple to make this dice game even more kinky and exciting.

Kheper Games creates a wide range of exciting adult games and novelties to bring you more sexy fun. From couples games to bachelorette party accessories, Kheper Games offers entertaining products to any party or bedroom!

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Key Benefits

  • Simple, yet thrilling, game for you and your lover or a group of friends
  • Random results from rolling the dice = spontaneous thrills throughout the night!
  • Great foreplay game to play before the big moment


  • Set includes: 1 silver action die and 4 colored die with body parts
  • For 2 or more players
  • Foreplay adult game 
  • Instructions: One player rolls the silver action die and one of the colored die. Whatever the dice lands on, the other player must perform the sexual action. 

Additional Features

  • Phthalate Free