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Clone-A-Willy Kit Vibrating

20 reviews

Clone-A-Willy Kit Vibrating

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    23 Feb 2021
    Casey W.
    Teamwork to make your dream work

    You have got to work together with your partner. Timing is everything. Pay attention to the directions and you will have an awesome kit. Detail is spectacular. If you are bigger make sure you order extra silicone. Our first go at it we only had enough for half with the two ounces of silicone that came with it. We Ordered another kit and extra two ounces on our second try and it filled up perfectly.

    09 Feb 2021
    Easy to make but poor silicone

    It’s fun to make but the material is too hard so not enjoyable.

    08 Feb 2021
    austin c.
    Very disappointed

    Mixing agent arrived busted and unusable

    07 Feb 2021
    Don't bother

    This product sucks, don't waste your money on something that starts hardening before you even get a chance to pour it.

    16 Jan 2021
    Johnathan B.
    Upset at this

    Legit I do not recommend I legit made sure the water was 90f and mixed within 45 sec and poured quickly dude it was hardening faster than it said wasn’t even enough atleast it only covered a tiny bit of what needed to be done I couldn’t stick my finger in when I went to put my dick in I was very upset with my purchase even bought extra stuff wasn’t pleased mad me upset because I was really looking forward to making this for my woman for her to please herself when I’m not around but at the least I can say it don’t get this unless you want to spend extra money for mix I spent over 80 for all of what I got and I am not pleased what so ever

    17 Dec 2020
    Don't waste your money

    For 40 dollars u would thank they would give u enough to fill the tub up

    19 Nov 2020
    Funny story

    I bought this off a different site but messed up the mix and had to buy a whole new one. But that's on me. Its setting now. Will say definitely shave. My poor fiance learned that. Our roommate came home in the middle of making and made it worse. Thought everyone could use a laugh. 10/10 would buy again. Especially since I can do it right now!

    11 Oct 2020
    Carmen R.
    They make money off failed attempts

    Tried twice, had to order a second silicone powder and it was harder than the instructions claim it to hardens way to quickly!

    10 Oct 2020
    Dirk M.
    Way easier and faster to just take two $20 bills and light them on fire

    Spent money on item and 4 hours of my life researching to make sure it went perfectly. Used multiple thermometers to make sure temp was perfect. Hit my 2 minute timer the very second I poured powder into water. Had a 1:20 left on the 2 minute timer when I started pouring and half of it completely hardened before it even poured out with a minute still left on the timer.

    24 Jul 2020
    Clone a friend

    Going to have a friend make one and use it on the wife, is that weird? maybe I can get a few others to use on her as well haha. Could be kinky