How To Prepare for Anal: A Beginner’s Guide

If you ask us, one of the greatest things about getting laid (other than those mind-blowing "Ohs" and "Ahhs," obvi) is that there's no shortage of ways to do it. 

Whether you're into getting railed on all fours, suspended from the ceiling, in the car during lunch, or even covered and smothered in whipped cream (which, yum), when there's a will, there's a way. And while we're pretty big fans of doing it the good ol' fashioned way (missionary, anyone?), we'll be honest: Butt stuff is f*cking awesome. 

Sure, DIY play is a delicious treat, and there's no denying our love for getting li-li-li-licked like a lollipop, but when it comes to sex, doing it via booty hole simply can't be beat. 

Interested in learning more? Simpli Pleasures' has your back! Read on to discover all there is to know about anal play, including what it is, how to do it, and more. Are you ready? 

Let's go!

Butt Stuff 101: What You Need To Know

First things first, why try butt sex anyway? 

Simple — because it feels ahh-mazing. It's an intensely pleasurable sex act that can leave you cumming back for more. Sure, it may have an association with being taboo, but let's be honest: butt stuff is in. 

Of course, it has been for quite some time (and for our queer friends with cocks, it's always been in), but with the sex-positive revolution sweeping over the globe, the deed is finally taking center stage — and we're totally here for it. 

What Are the Benefits of Anal?

You betcha. If you've been toying with the idea of butt sex and are still on the fence, you may want to check out these yummy reasons to take the plunge — bum first:

There’s Basically No Chance of Getting Knocked Up

Without the P in the V, it's obvi way less likely that any little swimmers will slip through to fertilize an egg — a major advantage if your biggest concern during hanky panky is potentially getting preggers. Although some soldiers can march their way down to the pussy, it's pretty unusual.

Note: Just because anal penetration provides a smaller shot of getting pregnant than vaginal sex, that doesn't mean you should skip protection from STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Practice "no glove, no love" to keep your nether regions happy, healthy, and STD-free.

You Can Have Unbelievably Intense Orgasms

The human body is so extraordinary in that there are dozens of ways we can experience those sweet, sweet, Os — one of which is an orgasm via butt sex. Here's the deal: booty hole penetration stimulates all the right spots, most notably the sensitive little tissue connected to the G-spot (or P-spot if you're a proud cock owner). 

When these delicious nerves are touched, tickled, and stimulated, the body responds with a mind-shattering orgasm. 

You May Be More Likely To Orgasm

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers found that of the participants who had recently engaged in some good ol' raunchy butt sex, a whopping 94 percent had an orgasm. We'll repeat that for the folks in the back — of those having butt sex with their consenting partners, almost all of them experienced climactic Os from taking it in the butt. 

With this in mind, we'll brb (wink, wink). 

It's Fun and Exciting

Even though butt sex is way more common these days, it's still taboo enough to bring in that extra saucy element of naughtiness that can take your arousal up a notch. Taboo or forbidden sex is an uber-popular fantasy — the mere thought of doing something that's a bit "wrong" or "unusual" can be a major turn-on. Of course, butt sex is neither of these things, but if it's not the norm for you, it sure can be.

Hot Tipbutt sex is still illegal in some states, so if you're a baddie looking to spice things up, exploring the forbidden backdoor can certainly do the trick!

A Great Opportunity To Experiment With Something New

Trying something new behind closed doors is a fantastic way to keep things spicy and interesting. In butt play, you might also want to incorporate some fun sex toys for extra stimulation too —which can be deliciously thrilling. 

Although there are so many options, some of our favorite anal toys include the following:

Your tushy deserves the best — opt for high-quality when searching for butt stuff. Not sure where to look? Check out our bootylicious inventory of anal sex toys, where you'll find everything butt the kitchen sink. From the cutest plugs to the thickest dildos, we have just what you need to make you cum.

A Great Way To Connect With Your Partner

Some folks are pretty anal about their bootyholes. And when feeling uncomfortable, it's not uncommon to clench up our cheeks tighter than Fort Knox. 

So openly welcoming a friend to explore our backdoor is a substantial sign of deep intimacy and trust that requires consistent and strong communication. After all, you're not gonna let just anyone in your booty! 

Ready To Explore Your Backdoor?

Now that you're up to speed on all the juicy benefits of doing it via butthole, we bet you're just chomping at the bit to go to pound town. But before you take a trip down Hershey Highway, there's a little bit of prep to keep in mind. 

So, without further ado, here's how to prepare for butt sex:

Educate Yo'self

The very thought of butt sex can summon a whole lotta worries — especially when considering all the misinformation on the topic. But by first becoming familiar with what to expect, you can be more prepared when you get down to business. So, what's causing your nerves? 

Think about the culprit behind your worry — whether it's the potential for making a mess, the feeling, or any psychological aspects. Keep in mind that there's no need to rush into the act if you're not feeling up to it. 

At the end of the day, your comfort, happiness, and boundaries are what's most important. Besides, your butthole isn't going anywhere, so when you finally decide to pull the trigger and probe this deliciously sensitive erogenous zone, it'll be there at the ready.

Know Your Butt

Despite what you may think, your partner doesn't know your butt — or at least not as well as you do. That means you're going to need to get acquainted with it. Stick a finger in there during solo play to get used to the feeling. A small butt plug like the Tantus Perfect Plug is also a great way to get comfy with your derriere. 

Experimenting on your own will help you to get familiar with the sensation on a minimal level. This way, when you're ready to invite a friend, there won't be too many surprises — unless, of course, they whip out a King Cock from their trousers, which in that case, you may want to run (or just grab some extra lube). 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Oh, and did we say communicate? And not during the actual deed or in the middle of some steamy foreplay (although that's important, too), but way before your clothes are off. After all, as with all things sex and intimacy, communication is key. 

Talk to your partner about your interest in butt stuff, like, verbally. No need for fancy gestures like spelling it out in the clouds via airplane, and don't count on non-verbal cues to get your excitement across. 

Speak up about your hankering for a good butt romp, and while you're at it, you can also express any concerns. Are you worried it might hurt? Terrified of leaving some resi-poo? Scared it may tear? 

These are all perfectly normal and legitimate concerns, but nothing you can't handle with your partner. Talk it out, do the research, set expectations, and most importantly, have fun!

Don't Fear a Sh*tstorm

Yes, poop comes out of your butthole — the same hole you're looking to penetrate. But as long as you adopt a good pre-butt sex routine that involves giving your backdoor a good scrub, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. 

That said, if you're worried or even a tad self-conscious about leaving behind those precious speckle freckles after getting your booty banged, you could always enlist the help of an enema or the XPlay Pro Shower Anal Douche

Hot Tip: In the heat of the moment and don't have time to rub-a-dub-dub? Take both of your horny booties to the bathroom for super sudsy shower sex.

Foreplay Is Key

Let's be honest: foreplay makes everything better — especially when trying something new in the sheets like anal. You want to feel relaxed and connected with your partner to build trust and comfort (and keep those sweet cheeks from clenching). 

There are many ways to do this, but at the end of the day, whatever makes you hot, horny, and ready to bang-bang-choo-choo-train may be the best choice. 

Need some inspo? Here are some of our favorite foreplay tips and ideas:

  • Set the stage. Dim the lights, put out some candles, and let the sweet sexy sounds of Marvin Gaye serenade you and your partner as you sink further into complete ecstasy.
  • Talk dirty. If you're new to dirty talk, it may feel a little awkward at first, but stick with it! Talking dirty to your partner can be a ridiculously effective method for getting turned on.
  • Strip. Want to really heat things up? Do a little dance as you strip down to your skivvies.
  • Use a blindfold. Heighten your partner's sensations with the Fetish Fantasy Satin Blindfold. With a beautiful sheen and velvety smooth texture, this luxurious blindfold is sure to make every sexy act even more thrilling!
  • Get icy. Grab an ice cube and run it over your partner's nipples or inner thighs. You could even stick a cube in your mouth and swap spit, taking in the delicious sensation of the hot and cold mingling together. 

Fingers First, Toys Later

When many folks think about butt sex, they tend to conjure up the last porno they watched, where a 12-inch cock smashed itself into an itty-bitty bootyhole, instantly sending a shiver down their spine. But here's the thing, you don't need sex toys to take it in the butt — all you need is a finger. 

This is especially true if you're a straight-up newbie to all things anal. You can even kick things off with some lovely rimming if that tickles your fancy. 

You see, when it comes to butt play — slow and steady always wins the race. Sure, starting right off the bat with an enormous dildo may give you some major bragging rights, but chances are it'll just scar you for life. And once you've got a bad taste in your mouth about anal, it'll likely take some time before you hop back on that horse again. 

Lube Up

Unlike a sweet, juicy pussy that gets nice and wet when aroused, the butthole doesn't self-lubricate, so it's often drier than the Sahara Desert. And trust us when we say that nothing can put a damper on good butt sex more than feeling as if you're getting probed with scratchy sandpaper. 

To prevent your "Ahh's" from turning into "Oww's," you'll want to apply a good quality lube throughout the whole booty-banging extravaganza. If you're using a finger, opt for silicone-based lube like the Pjur Back Door Personal Lubricant

Want to take things up a notch with a silicone toy? Skip the silicone and reach for a water-based lube like Adam & Eve Lube. You can also opt for an oil-basedlube if you’re hoping for some shower sex.

Go Slow

Whether using a finger, cock, or dildo, it's super important to go super slow so that you have time to adjust to the size and sensations. If you're on the receiving end, walk your lover through what feels good, helping to manage and set the pace. 

If you're on the giving end, pay close attention to your partner at all times to ensure that you're both on the same page. Take care to notice their non-verbal cues, too. 

Experiment With Positions

If you're the giver, it may be a good idea to get behind your partner and let them take control of the situation by backing into your cock or strap-on dildo at their own leisurely pace. Whether they're anal newbies or not, chances are they'll need a hot sec to acclimate to the sensation. 

Use this time to apply more lube, gently stroke their back, and tell them how good they are doing (praise kink, anyone? *drool*). 

Ready to take the butt stuff up a notch? Here are some orgasmic positions you can try:

  • Lying Doggy. Perfect for shallow penetration, this take on traditional doggy style is great for beginners and a whole lot of fun.
  • Backdoor Missionary. Butt sex positions are often a face-away-from-each-other kind of deal — but not with this sensual position. Gaze lovingly into each other's eyes as your soul is snatched through your bootyhole. 
  • Leaning Cowgirl. Be the cowgirl of your partner's dreams with this indisputably hot position. Bonus points if you include a little nipple play. 
  • Tilted Doggy. Want it nice and deep? Get on all fours for the Tilted Doggy position. Want it even deeper? Arch your back (you're welcome). 
  • Back it Up. Want to bang it out while standing? Try the Back it Up position.
  • Lap Dance. Get comfy in your favorite chair for this feel-good position. Perfect for those who are relatively new to butt sex because it’s quite easy to pull off (but still hot). 
  • Spoon. Oh, spooning — how we love you so. This position is wonderful when you're not in the mood to make eye contact. Or do anything except O. 
  • Pile Driver. Okay, so this might be one of the most advanced butt sex positions out there, but if you and your partner are ready to explore all that the forbidden backdoor has to offer, give it a shot! Just don't forget to use plenty of lube and go slow. 

Don't Double Dip

No matter how much butt prep you did, your backside is bound to have bacteria that don't belong in a pussy, mouth, or any other orifice that isn't your bootyhole. We know you've likely seen some double-dipping in those deliciously raunchy pornos where tongues, fingers, toys, and dicks are pulled out of one hole and shoved into another. Still, unless you're banking on a painful bacteria infection, we advise you not to do what they do.

In short, if anything goes in a butthole, it gets washed. Immediately. No questions? Good. 

Know When To Stop

While some "new" sensations are to be expected, unbearable pain is not. So if things start to hurt in a way that's no longer fun, put an end to it immediately. It's that simple. Butt sex should never be painful. 

Hot Tip: Discuss expectations with your partner ahead of time, and perhaps even a safe word to signal that you need to stop. 

Bring On the Cuddles

Butt stuff can be a pretty intense experience — especially for first-time receivers — so don't forget to administer plenty of aftercare in the form of kisses, cuddles, snuggles, and sweet nothings when you're done.

Keep It Hygenic

After having butt sex, it's of the utmost importance to wash your peach and linens to eliminate any bacteria, left-over lube, or remaining sploosh. Dispose of used latex barriers and sanitize toys with a good cleaner like this one from CalExotics.Clean-up is essential when it comes to fecal matter (sorry, we had to say it). 

The Final Word

And there you have it — everything you need to know to prepare for butt sex. Whether you've dabbled in backdoor play in the past or this is your first rodeo, the tips and tricks listed above are sure to make your next booty bang a blast. Just be sure to communicate with your partner, listen to your body, use lots of lube, and of course, have fun — your sexual health and wellness are worth it!

Ready to take the butt stuff up a notch? Check out our bootylicious inventory of orgasmic sex toys. From the best prostate massagers and butt plugs on the planet to anal beads, dildos, and vibrators, you can always count on us to have just what you need to cum


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