How to Actually Have More Powerful Orgasms!

Want to have more satisfying orgasms that will leave you breathless and wanting more? Whether you’re single or in a relationship and want to reach stronger and harder sexual peaks, take the following tips (for both men and women) to help you boost your orgasm power:

Ladies: Work out your Kegel muscles

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Also known as your vaginal or pelvic floor muscles, Kegel muscles are what you feel contract when you have an orgasm during sex or masturbation.

When you squeeze these muscles, you can also experience climaxes faster.

But even when you’re not engaging in sexual acts, you can tone and train your Kegel muscles to make your vaginal canal tighter to enhance pleasure for you and your partner and make orgasms more powerful.

Over time, the Kegel muscles can weaken and not be as tight and taut; multiple factors like childbirth, sexual experience, and aging can contribute to weakening vaginal muscles. Squeeze these muscles 10-20 times a day for 1-3 sets every day.

If you’re fairly new to intercourse or using sex toys, it’s not necessary to do Kegel exercises as often. This can lead to you being too tight, which would make sex uncomfortable for you and your significant other. To aid with strengthening your Kegel muscles, you can try ben wa balls or Kegel exercisers from our Kegel Health Toys Collection to use as “dumbbells” for your pelvic muscles.

Gents: Explore your prostate

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The prostate gland, similar to the female G-spot, is in the anal area, and some may believe that there’s a stigma or taboo attached to anal stimulation. But the prostate gland is a nerve-packed hidden erogenous zone that can give men an explosive orgasm when stimulated.

Although not for everyone, it’s worth the time to explore and experience prostate stimulation if you’re adventurous and comfortable enough with anal play.

You can simply lube up your finger and slide it inside your butt during masturbation or sex and press against the prostate (which is located in front of the anterior anal canal wall) or use a prostate massager to make reaching this hidden orgasm-trigger spot much easier.

Both: Add “edging” to your sex routine

You might be tempted to rush to the finish line, but try to slow it down next time during your solo session or while you’re having sex with your partner by using the “edging” technique. Simply put, edging allows you to prolong the moments before you orgasm.

If you’re used to using medium- to fast-paced speeds while masturbating, take it down a notch or two and focus on controlling your breathing and speed.

You can take a break for a few seconds then start back up again; do this as many times as you want until you’re ready to finish. You can do this technique with both your hand or your favorite sex toys.

Extra Tip: An alternative to edging is to see if you can have another orgasm after the first one. For example, if you had a clit-stimulated orgasm, try rubbing your clitoris again after 1-3 minutes if you’re not too sensitive and see if you can orgasm again.

Ladies: Try simultaneous stimulation on multiple sweet spots

Have you ever had your clitoris or G-spot stimulated at the same time? Or enjoyed simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration play? Women who are looking for a way to intensify their sexual pleasure may feel more satisfied with multi-stimulation.

Ask your significant other to help you arouse your pleasure zones or use a dual-action vibrator (e.g., rabbit vibrator) to assist you.

If you’re feeling more bold and daring, why not try various sex toys at the same time? For example, you can use a suction-cup dildo for vaginal penetration while wearing a butt plug for backdoor stimulation and a clitoral vibrator to tease your clitoris for triple the fun.

The combination of sensual sensations you’ll experience might help you achieve stronger and more powerful orgasms.

Gents: Use cock rings to delay ejaculation

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Cock rings

Cock rings
are simple, yet effective, sex tools that men can use to help delay orgasm. Similar to how edging works, you can make your orgasms stronger by prolonging pleasure and preventing yourself from ejaculating too quickly.

Cock rings restrict blood flow to the penis and heighten your sensitivity.

You can wear one or more cock rings during masturbation or sex. Cock rings are typically wrapped around the base of the shaft, but you can find double cock rings that slip over your penis and testicles for double the constriction and orgasm delay.

You can also share the fun with your partner by using a vibrating cock ring that both of you can enjoy during lovemaking.

Both: Make foreplay last longer

Build your pleasure by extending your foreplay time. You can do this whether you’re single or in a relationship. If you’re going solo, you can tease yourself for 20-30 minutes by fondling yourself and stimulating your erogenous zones.

You can also avoid touching your main sensitive spots (e.g., penis shaft or clitoris) and keep increasing your pleasure threshold before you can’t take it anymore and have to relieve yourself.

If you’re in a relationship and want both you and your lover to have more mind-blowing orgasms, extend the time you spend on foreplay. There’s really no limit!

You can go all day flirting and teasing each other with touching, massaging, sexting, etc. One fun idea for teasing you may want to try out is to spend a few seconds using your mouth or hands to touch your partner’s favorite pleasure-enhancing spots. Draw out your pleasure while taking your time exploring each other’s bodies then go wild for the main event!

The key to having better orgasms is to be open-minded and explore your options.

Learn more about the wide range of sex toys available that may help you take your pleasure to the next level. Find more ways to please yourself physically by experimenting.

Even your own sexual encounters may help you discover different ways to stimulate your most intimate parts and enhance your self-pleasure.

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