Choosing The Best Sex Doll For Men

Sex dolls aren’t just a gag gift for your best friend or a bachelor’s party – they can be great sex toys for men to use for various pleasure pursuits, from playing out fantasies to trying out and practicing different sex positions. Some sex dolls have one love hole for penetration play while others have at least two for you to enjoy vaginal, anal, and even oral play; these male sex toys can also have realistic features, including their faces, to make your experience more intimate and real. We hand-picked several to feature in our guide to give you a better idea of what sex dolls can offer you in terms of fun and unique masturbation play:

Wrap Around Lover Doll

Perfect for you to try in various sex positions, the Wrap Around Lover Doll is a blow-up doll with a realistic female face and body parts for you to enjoy. You can try out different positions and bring your fantasies to life with this sex doll.

Sexy & Psycho Doll with CyberSkin Pussy & Ass

Equipped with a realistic CyberSkin Pussy & Ass toy, the Sexy & Psycho Doll has all you need for a lifelike sex doll that can give you all the intimate and exciting sensations that make your experience even better. The CyberSkin Pussy & Ass is removable, so you can use your favorite male masturbator instead. The mouth of the doll has an opening to simulate oral sex, and this full-body doll can be used in a wide range of positions.

Naughty Neiko 3D Anime Love Doll

For the nerdy and adventurous, the Naughty Neiko 3D Anime Love Doll is a sensational sex doll for men who want to play out their erotic fantasies with an anime-styled girl. This inflatable sex doll has a curvy frame, realistic 3D anime face with mouth opening for oral sex fun, and lifelike and removable vagina toy to provide a variety of ways for you to get the most out of Neiko the anime sex doll.

Doc Johnson Sophia Rossi Big Boob Love Doll

If you want to play out your wildest fantasies and satisfy your desires of having sex with your favorite porn stars, the Doc Johnson Sophia Rossi Big Boob Love Doll is just for you! Sophia Rossi was a popular adult film star, and this love doll is designed to look and feel like the real Sophia Rossi, which features an oral, vaginal, and anal opening for three ways for you to enjoy her body. You can find other porn-star-inspired sex dolls like the Jessica Sin City and Jenna Jameson dolls.

Hot Tips to Make Your Sex Doll Even Better

To make sex more exciting with your love doll, try some of our tips here:

Use warming lubricants to make your sex doll’s love holes more realistic. Coat your sex doll’s vaginal, anal or oral hole with warming lubricant for a more lifelike feel. Warming lubricants have special, body-safe ingredients that create a warming effect. These lubes are great to use with sex dolls with removable vagina/butt parts.

Dress up your love doll for a customized look. From changing your doll’s wig to putting her in sexy lingerie or leather outfits, you can customize your doll’s appearance and make her into your real-life fantasy.

Use a Pocket Pussy or other realistic vagina/butt male masturbator with your sex doll. Sex dolls typically have a love hole for the vagina, mouth or anal area. You can tuck in a male masturbator like the Pocket Pussy inside these holes to make your doll more lifelike and more stimulating to your penis. You can collect several male masturbators and switch them around to turn your sex doll into a different girl every time.

Note: Avoid inflating blow-up sex dolls too much because they are more likely to ‘pop’ during roleplay due to the strain.

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