Anal Beads: What Are They & How To Use Them

Anal Beads: What Are They & How To Use Them

We’re lucky to live in a time when we have endless options available to enhance our sex lives. There’s Simpli no reason to be bored in the bedroom, especially if you know where to look and are open to trying new things! 

Yes, vibrators are popular, and butt plugs look cute while you’re doing it in doggy-style, but there are other great, highly pleasurable options to explore when it comes to butt stuff. Enter: anal beads. 

We’re here to help you discover what anal beads are, how they feel, and how to use anal beads to take your pleasure to a whole new level.

What Are Anal Beads?

We know (and can’t believe) that anal beads don’t get the same hype that other sex toys used for anal play (like butt plugs) do. Anal beads aren’t all that different from butt plugs. Both butt plugs and anal beads can be used on your own or when playing with a partner.

And there’s no additional requirements, anyone with an anus (a butthole) can enjoy anal play — don’t feel like you have to identify any specific way to try anal beads out, all you have to do is step outside the box, and give it a go! Whether you’re a man, woman, or anywhere in between, the feeling you get from learning to use anal beads and trying them out, is a sensation you won’t get with any other sex toy.

There’s a ton of variety when it comes to the styles of anal beads, but they all follow roughly the same basic design — a long, usually flexible center string or base that the beads are attached to. The number of beads and their size and shape can also vary. 

When anal beads of any variety are inserted into the butt (don’t worry — we’ll go over how to use them in a bit), they stimulate the extremely sensitive nerve endings, causing an intense, unique sexual pleasure. 

However, unlike butt plugs, the pleasure you get from anal beads isn’t in keeping them inside; it’s the movement created when inserting and removing them. 

How Do I Choose the Right Anal Beads?

Now that you know the basics, let’s dive deep into how you can try anal beads yourself. Your experience level will help determine the size, and design of anal beds that is right for you.

Anal Bead First Timers

If you’re new to using anal beads, welcome to the party! Trying something new, especially if it’s outside of your typical comfort zone, is where the real fun begins. 
Anal Fantasy First-Time Fun Beads
Anal Fantasy First-Time Fun Beads are an excellent option that lives up to its name. These anal beads feature graduated sizes, meaning they start small and gradually increase in size as you insert them. 

Graduated sizing is great for beginners because it allows your body to adjust to each bead separately. Similar to trying any anal play for the first time, patience and slow progression are key. 

When picking out anal beads as a beginner, always choose an option with a safety loop or flange (an edge to keep the toy from disappearing inside) at the end. Unfortunately, even experienced anal bead users can get too into what they’re doing and forget to hold on to the end. 

Anal Beads for Experienced Users

Once you’ve gotten used to the sensation of using anal beads and are ready to mix it up, you can up the ante by increasing the size of the beads or adding vibration (or both!).
VeDO Quaker Anal Vibrator

If vibration sounds like something you’d like to try, we recommend the VeDO Quaker Anal Vibrator. Six anal beads, increasing in size, are meant to reach deep into the anus. The vibrator also features twelve unique customized vibration modes, offering something for everyone.

It’s powerful while also being quiet, so you don’t have to broadcast to the whole world what you’re doing (if you don’t want to), and it only requires a single AAA battery. b-Vibe Cinco Remote Controlled Rechargeable Beads are another excellent option for sexually adventurous couples who want to experiment. 
b-Vibe Cinco

The b-Vibe Cinco earned the title of the best sex toy for anal stimulation due to its couple-centric design, six vibration levels, and 15 vibration patterns. But the best part is that it also has a remote control that can work up to 30 feet away! Use it for BDSM role play or control it without needing to contort your body to change the speed or pattern.

How Do I Use Anal Beads?

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect set of anal beads and are ready to try them, we’ve got everything you need to know about learning how to use them safely and pleasurably.

The first thing you need to know is that the anus has two distinct layers of muscle — the internal anal sphincter and the external anal sphincter. 

The external anal sphincter, the closest to the outside world (and the layer your fingertip will touch first), has a smooth, voluntary muscle. This type of muscle responds to conscious thought and commands, like squeezing it closed when you need to go to the bathroom but haven’t made it there yet. 

The internal anal sphincter, on the other hand, is naturally tight and not responsive to demands — it needs to be “coaxed” open with gentle pressure and practice. This is why we recommend getting comfortable with the sensation of anal stimulation using just your (or your partner’s) fingers before trying anal beads for the first time. 

Experiment with how it feels to insert just a well-lubricated finger or two, paying attention to how your body responds and how long it takes that internal anal sphincter to relax. Once you feel comfortable with that sensation, grab your new anal beads and keep the lube flowing! 

Hot tip: never use a silicone-based lubricant with silicone sex toys, as this can cause a quicker breakdown of your toys (that you spent good money on!). We prefer oil or water-based lubes.

Adam & Eve Lube

Try lying on your back or your side and take a few deep breaths. Feeling physically and mentally relaxed can help everything loosen up and feel more pleasurable, especially if it’s your first time. Then, apply lube and gently slide your new toy into your anus, one bead at a time, beginning with the smallest bead. 

The best part about anal beads is that you don’t have to insert them all to experience pleasure — it’s about the movement of the beads and the act of inserting and removing them. Try inserting them as part of foreplay and removing them (or having your partner remove them) as you start to have an orgasm. 

The number of beads you have inserted and how quickly (or slowly) they’re removed can create all kinds of different sensations. We urge you to experiment with different tactics to find what works best for your body. It’s all about your pleasure, after all!

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Anal Beads!

After you’re finished using your anal beads and have a little energy back from collapsing in a post-orgasmic heap, don’t forget one of the most crucial steps — cleaning them.

It can be tempting to skip this step and just toss them into that drawer in your bedside table, but cleaning them is vital to keep you and anyone else who may be using them on the safe side. Any sex toy can collect dirt or bacteria. 

Sex toys that go into and around your anus are particularly at risk due to the presence of fecal matter (even if you prepped and cleaned beforehand, there’s always at least a little present — it’s just part of the deal). 

When cleaning your anal beads, pay attention to their material. Many sex toys come with recommendations for cleaning them, so always read that (or look it up on a reputable website) when deciding what to use. 

Mild antibacterial soap and a small amount of lukewarm water work for most materials, or you can buy a cleaning spray explicitly designed to get sex toys squeaky clean post-play time.
LELO Cleaning Spray

After your anal beads are thoroughly clean (really get in there, don’t be shy), let them air dry before putting them away. Trust us, while it only takes a few minutes, ensuring that your sex toys are as clean as possible will keep you and your partner’s bodies happy, healthy, and safe to enjoy as much pleasure as possible.

The Bottom Line

Learning to use anal beads is a massive step in developing a deeper understanding of your personal pleasure. When you find the right toy, go at the pace of your experience, and take the time to prepare, your first anal bead sesnsations will be sure to satisfy.

Anal beads, like any other sex toy, are a tool for discovering what works for your body — don’t be shy; give them a shot today! We’re willing to bet you’ll Simpli be glad you did. 


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