Beginners Buying Guide to Couple's Sex Toys

Have you entered a sex rut in your relationship or simply want to spice up your usual sex routine? It’s common for couples to enter a time where the sex is on the vanilla level, but, with the right couples sex toys and essentials, you can bring back the spark and excitement to the bedroom. Check out how you can take your sex life up a notch with the following couples-friendly products:

Couples Cock Rings

Also known as love rings, couples cock rings are excellent sex accessories that are simple to use and effective enough to give you and your lover an explosive experience. Cock rings are designed to enhance the man’s erection by making it firmer and fuller in size, giving their partner a more satisfying filling sensation. These erection rings also help delay ejaculation for long-lasting lovemaking. Couples cock rings are specially made to give both partners extra stimulation. Most C-rings are for heterosexual couples, and they typically have a vibrator function to arouse the woman’s clitoris and other external erogenous zones. If you and your partner are new to sex toys, you can start with a cock ring to kick off your exciting and erotic adventures!

Featured Couples Cock Ring: CalExotics Dual Clit Flicker™

Bondage Toys

Make your lover your prisoner tonight with bondage gear! You can bind them with handcuffs or special Japanese silk ropes; cover their eyes with blindfolds to surprise their sexual senses while you tease them; and give them a tantalizing spank with a flogger. If you want to act out your wild fantasies with your partner or want to explore more in the bedroom, add these thrilling bondage toys to your own collection.

Featured Bondage Toy: Heavy Duty Cuffs and BDSM Mask - Bestseller!

Heavy Duty Cuffs and BDSM Mask - Bestseller!

Sex Swings & Furniture

Build your own erotic playground with sex swings and furniture! With sex swings, you can bring more variety to your love life and make the most basic sex positions more exciting for you and your partner. Some swings come with extra cuffs or even a beginner-friendly BDSM kit so that you can add bondage play to your sex swing fun. Sex furniture, such as bondage mattresses and shower handles for shower sex, transform an ordinary bedroom to something more thrilling for your love life. Your bedroom can be turned into a sex amusement park to keep that extra spark in your relationship.

Featured Sex Swings & Furniture: Fetish Fantasy Ultra Position Master

Strap Ons & Harnesses

Looking for a way to enhance penetration fun for you and your partner? Whether you want to try pegging or make vaginal sex more satisfying for your lady, strap ons are just the sex toy you need. Strap ons feature a harness and a dildo that is attached to the harness with an O-ring or Vac-U-Lock plug. Some dildos come with vibrators for a hybrid sex toy that provides even more pleasure. Other dildos have a hollowed center, also known as hollow strap ons, for the man to place his member inside and give it extra length and girthy instantly. Men and women can enjoy the arousing thrills of a strap on, making it one of the most versatile sex toys available.

Featured Strap-On Harness: Tantus Curve Silicone Dildo

Sex Games

Foreplay doesn’t have to be the same old routine. With sex games, you can prep for all-night romping with you and your lover! Tease each other with fun and naughty card games like the Sweet Seduction Game For Lovers, or heighten the sexual tension with a sexy board game such as the or the. For a portable game that you can play anywhere, anytime, sex dice like the Shane's World® Sex Dice 101™ are simple and travel-friendly. They’re also easy to use and adds a spontaneous and mysterious factor to your foreplay; you can leave all your naughty moves up to chance with sex dice! To make your love life more entertaining, hand out love coupons to your lover and spoil them with naughty fun.

Featured Sex Games: Kheper Let's Fool Around

Sex Enhancers

For a simple boost in sexual satisfaction, sexual enhancers are the key to giving you that extra something to enjoy your experience even more. Massage oils, masturbation lubricants, cock rings, pussy pumps, and stimulating gels are some examples of sex essentials you may need to improve your bedroom play with your lover. For instance, you can use massage oils for foreplay purposes and give your partner an erotic and soothing massage to help build sexual anticipation. If you want to increase stimulation, try a stimulating gel that heightens sensitivity for specific sweet spots like the clitoris. Find all you need to complement your selection of couples sex toys in our exclusive Sex Enhancers Collection.

Featured Sex Enhancers: Buzz Original Liquid Vibrator

Want to add more sex toys to improve your love life and make sex more refreshing and enjoyable? Be sure to read our Sex Toy Guides for more information on countless toys you can bring to the bedroom!

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