Beginners Guide To Anal Beads

For beginners who want to explore the world of exciting and forbidden anal play, try anal beads. These anal sex toys have a beaded design that allows you to experience backdoor stimulation with ease.

Tips On How To Use Anal Beads

Get the most out of your anal beads anzd learn how to use them properly with these simple tips:

1. Lubricate before you use your anal beads.

Use a high-quality anal lubricant to help you ease the anal beads inside you. Since the anal canal isn’t self-lubricating, it’s important for you to be well-lubricated before you engage in any time of anal stimulation. To make it easier to apply lubricant to your anal canal, try the Lube Tube Applicator, a unique sex essential that pushes lubricant inside you and coats your inner walls. It’s best to choose a silicone-based lubricant since they are thicker and longer lasting, which is great for anal sex play. You can also try an anal relaxing or numbing spray like the Intimate Organics Lemongrass Anal Relaxing Spray to help desensitize the area before using anal sex toys.

2. Go slow.

If you’re using anal beads, especially ones that feature graduated beads, insert each bead inside you gradually and test out your threshold for anal stimulation. This is critical for beginners who are new to anal play, so you want to make sure you’re safe and comfortable while enjoying your anal beads.

3. Go bigger to get more backdoor pleasure.

When you get used to smaller anal beads and anal toys in general, and you want to get more satisfying stimulation, find bigger anal beads to stretch yourself to your maximum limit. The more you engage in anal play, the more accommodating your body will be to larger toys. Gradually increase your size when you think you’re ready, and make sure to lube up to stay safe. But, if you want to stay with small anal beads, you can amp up the pleasure factor by finding one that vibrates.

The main purpose of anal beads is to give you slight, yet pleasurable, sensations and to allow you to slowly insert a bead at a time inside you to help your body adjust to the new type of sexual stimulation. To give you a better idea of the various anal beads that you can enjoy, check out some of our best-selling ones here:

Beginners Anal Bead Set + FREE Starter Kit!

Start off your anal sexploration with this Beginners Anal Bead Set! This set features three different types of anal beads for you to enjoy and experiment with. You also receive extra goodies for better backdoor pleasure with this kit of anal toys.

X-10 Graduated Anal Beads

Simple and classic, the X-10 Graduated Anal Beads is a traditionally shaped anal beads sex toy that has a flexible form and beads that gradually increase in size to help you adjust to more anal pleasure intensity. The flexible body allows you to position the beads to your liking to hit the right spots.

Elite 'Vibro' Anal Beads

Enhance your pleasure with extra thrilling vibrating anal beads like the Elite Vibro! While you’re testing out anal sex toys, you can get bonus stimulation with these types of anal beads and make your anal play more satisfying. The Elite Vibro features two balls and a retrieval cord for easy removal.

Topco Climax Vibrating Anal Beads 5 Inches

Make anal pleasure even better with the Topco Climax Vibrating Anal Beads. This bullet vibrator is designed specifically for anal penetration and features a slim, beaded body that you insert inside you for gentle anal stimulation. The ring at the end allows you to retrieve the toy easily.

Dual Penetrator Realistic 5 Inch Vibrator Anal Bead Combo

Experience the excitement of dual penetration with this anal bead and dildo hybrid toy. You can try both vaginal and anal penetration play simultaneously with this toy as well as stimulating your sweet spots with thrilling vibration modes.

Tantus Ripple Large Silicone Plug

If you’re looking for a larger anal bead toy, try this Tantus Ripple Plug. This rigid anal bead sex toy features a graduated bead design and provides firm pressure on your backdoor pleasure zone for enhanced stimulation. This is a great anal sex toy for more experienced users.

If you want to read more about using anal sex toys, check out our Beginner’s Guide To Anal Sex Toys for more information.

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