Your Sex Toy Gift Guide

Your Sex Toy Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to gift the nicest people in your life something naughty.

If there’s one thing we know at Simpli, it’s sex toys. That’s why we’re super excited to bring you our yearly sex toy gift guide, specially created by our sex-perts to help you find the perfect toy for them (or for you).

What Makes Something A Great Gift?

  • If they will use it often: We know they say that it’s the thought that counts, but – let’s be honest – no one wants a gift that they’ll hardly use. If you want to get them something they’ll really appreciate, give them a gift that you know they’ll use all year long. Trust us - sex toys are the kinda gift they’ll find themselves coming back to (and cumming on *wink*) over and over again.
  • If it fuels their passion: The best gift will have them so fascinated and curious, that they’ll be eagerly waiting until the moment they can take it out of the box and take it for a spin. Luckily, the right sex toy lets them live out their wildest fantasies and deepest passions, any time and any way that they want to.
  • If it lasts a long time: We’ve all gotten a gift that works great at first and then out of nowhere, months or weeks (or even minutes) after we open it, it’s broken and gathering dust in the back of a closet. Sex toys are literally designed to work hard and play even harder.
  • If it’s totally unique: Half the fun of gift-giving is when the person opens their present and their jaw drops to the floor. We’re prettyyy sure opening up a sex toy has that same element of surprise. So, if you want to stand out in the midst of fuzzy socks, self-help books, and scented candles, a sex toy is definitely the way to go.

Give Them Their Perfect Match

We know that pleasure is unique to everyone, so gifting someone the perfect sex toy can seem like quite the task (especially when we have over 1,000 phenomenal sex toys to choose from!). That's why we've broken down our gift guide by personality – to help you match anyone (and everyone) you know with a toy based on who they are (and what they’d like). We've filled the guide with top-tier toys based on our customer favorites, Simpli staff picks, and this year’s best sellers.

The Leader Of The Group Chat

Shop Our Remote Collection

Remote toys are perfect for the people who love to take control…of everything. They’re the ones that send you a 4-page itinerary for a casual dinner date. The ones who remind you that your mom's birthday is coming up (because they know you always forget). They're the ones that always show up at least 10 minutes early, and refuse to leave the house unless their bed is made (with not a wrinkle in sight). So, for the control freak in your life, how about a toy that lets them dominate pleasure too?


 The LELO TIANI™ 3 is a silky-smooth, double-stimulation vibe with one side that buzzes on the clit and another that slides inside to perfectly hit the G-spot. The handy remote makes it simple for your favorite control freak to select and set a mode that’ll drive them absolutely wild. They can slip the TIANI™ 3 in before sex (so both partners can feel the vibrations) or use it solo and keep calling their own shots - just the way they like it.

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The b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 is a remote-controlled, splash-proof butt plug that gets its name from its unique ‘rimming’ technology. Rotating beads at the base of the toy feel just like an actual rim-job, while the shaft of the plug ripples with deep vibrations for the ultimate dual stimulation. Our favorite thing about this toy? The remote works from up to 30 feet away, so they can easily hand over the controls and have someone else manage their ‘O’, even from across the room.

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b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2


The Party People 

Shop Our Multi-Speed Collection

Every party animal we know brings their wild side wherever they go. Whether they’re the first one tearing up the dance floor at their favorite club or chatting about the best knitting patterns with the old ladies at bingo. These multi-speed sex toys are perfect at keeping up with them - no matter what they're about to get into:


The Pump Worx Rechargeable Auto-Vac Penis Pump is a multi-speed pump that takes hands-free pleasure (and pumping) to a whole new level. This toy is rechargeable (so they won’t be let down mid-pump) and is made from clear material that allows them to keep an eye on their dick as it grows in size and thickness. The powerful suction comes in three distinct speed modes, and the pump’s quick-release button makes managing the speed and intensity of the suction quick and easy.

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There’s something magic about the Magic Wand® Original HV-26…but we can’t seem to put our finger on it. (Hmmmm) Maybe it’s the fact that this multi-speed ‘personal massager’ has two powerful motors and can vibrate up to 6,000x per minute?! Who wouldn't love that? Plus, whoever you gift it to can open it worry-free around any tree (just say it’s to massage their sore lower back).

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The Secret Keeper

Shop Our Discreet Collection

We’ve all got the friend we can count on to never let a secret slip. They're the only ones that know what everyone is getting each other for Christmas (and birthdays…and anniversaries), the ones that help you pick out your soul mate’s engagement ring, and the one you call when you just have to tell someone that you:

  • accidentally sent a nude to your work group chat
  • ripped your pants on a blind date
  • face-planted on the sidewalk in broad daylight
  • got food poisoning on a date with your crush
  • accidentally flashed a train full of people

For the friend that’ll never air out your dirty laundry, it’s time to give them another sexy little secret they can keep:


Oops, you dropped your lipstick! Oh, it isn’t lipstick? It’s the LELO MIA™ 2, a vibrator that’s designed to discreetly look like regular makeup, except it’s a powerful sex toy that stimulates the clit for orgasms that make your eyes roll back? This is a sexy toy that even they may not be able to keep a secret.

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Using the PDX Extreme Rechargeable Roto-Bator Mouth is like going to a silent rave...but for your c*ck. This discreet electronic masturbator rotates and thrusts (for a more authentic experience) and even has LED lights that change colors based on the setting it's on. The mouth of the toy fits tightly around the base of the shaft, while the tiny ticklers on the inside of the stroker add extra stimulation to the entire length of the dick for explosive (pun intended), heart-stopping sensations.

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The Cry Baby

Shop Our Waterproof Collection

Every group has *one* sensitive friend – and if you don’t know who it is…*whispers* it’s probably you. It’s the friend that tears up every time they see a sentimental holiday commercial. You know – the one that carries tissues 24/7, because they know that the waterworks can start at any time. These softies need toys that won’t drown when the tears start to fall, so here are the waterproof toys we think your delicate buddies need the most:

What does your anxious pal need to calm their nerves after a day of emotional meltdowns? A hot bath, some scented candles, a bangin’ playlist, and this butterfly-shaped Screaming O Charged™ Monarch™ c-ring. This vibrating waterproof toy has two rings that are designed to fit the shaft perfectly, while the balls sit snugly in between both rings. The entire butterfly flutters with every vibration, so the ring can be worn with it facing upwards (to buzz on a partner’s clit) or, instead, turned around to stimulate their gooch (the space between the balls and the ass).

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Before you gift your emotional friend this Lovense Lush 3, we suggest that you throw in a nice, absorbent towel. This waterproof vibrator is powerful and fully programmable, with one end that intensely massages their G-spot, while the other arm buzzes away on their clit. And, since this toy can be controlled via an app, they can use their phone to select the vibrations that always put them in a better mood. That way, instead of pouring out their feelings in their notes app, they can open Lush’s app and find a setting that allows them to feel unbelievable pleasure.

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The Straight Shooter

Shop Our Realistic Collection

We all know someone that isn’t afraid of the truth. The one that would totally tell a random child that Santa isn’t real and shatter their holiday spirit. Some people just can’t help telling it (and doing it) like it is. There’s nothing quite like the ‘real’ thing. So, for the ones that like things as lifelike as possible, these realistic sex toys are as authentic as they come:

The PDX Extreme Flip Me Over is a hyper-realistic masturbator made from ultra-soft, flesh-like material that feels just as good (if not even better) than the best they’ve ever had. The life-like p*syy on one end of the masturbator will squeeze them so tight they’ll be hypnotized the second they slide in, while the other end looks just like an a*shole (and grips just like one too) for those who enjoy a little ‘backdoor’ play. Honestly, when it comes to strokers, this PDX toy is as “real” as fake can get.

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The King C–ck 8" is a realistic dildo made for people who aren’t afraid to get really cocky about how much they like dick. The details on this toy are insane - the veins, head, and shaft are uber-detailed, for an experience so real it’ll seem as if they’re sucking and f*cking the person of their dreams. The thickness of the shaft (and the life-like curve) will fill them up just right, and leave them shaken to their core with every single stroke.

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The Best Dressed

Shop Our Luxury Collection

Now, let’s talk about the friend that never leaves their house unless they’re paparazzi-ready, from head to toe. It’s clear to everyone that they love to splooge – oops, we mean splurge – on themselves, so it only makes sense to splurge on them too. Our recommendation? A luxury sex toy that’s as stylish and elegant as they are:

When it comes to sophistication, this stimulator leaves other strokers in the dust. The LELO F1S V2 is an app-controlled, dual-stimulating masturbator with what we like to call “super sonic” powers. The stimulation from this beauty is a one-of-a-kind adventure that gets even more intense over time. Why? Because the more they f*ck it, the better it feels. High-end sensors collect data every time it’s used, letting the F1S V2 fully customize an orgasmic experience so phenomenal, it feels out of this world.

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The Womanizer Premium 2 is the type of toy that feels so lavish, they’ll want to find a special spot for it in their nightstand. This high-quality, luxury vibrator uses air-pulse technology to suck intensely on the clit until it catapults the user into an orgasm that we can only describe as ‘worthy of a five-star rating’. And, since everything about this toy screams ‘classy’, from the beautiful burnt-red color to the smooth matte finish and the shiny gold accents, it’s the perfect toy to impress the people who already seem to have it all.

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The ‘Rise And Grind’-er

Shop Our Rechargeable Collection

Ever looked at someone and thought “Where do you get all that energy?!”. We all know the type - the go-getter that wakes up at 4am for hot yoga, then runs a 10k for charity before attending and (of course) winning their bowling league competition, while still managing to make it to Sunday’s game night and catch up with friends. Honestly, we’re exhausted just thinking about it. For the ones that need toys that never run out of battery (just like them), these rechargeable toys are where it’s at:

The Satisfyer Powerful One is a durable, rechargeable c-ring that has enough energy to keep going long after they’re completely and totally drained (in more ways than one). The vibrations of this toy are pleasurably intense and, paired with the tight squeeze of the ring, are sure to deliver invigorating orgasms that help this c-ring live up to its name. This ‘powerful’ ring can be used alone to jazz up masturbation, or it can be put on before sex to constrict blood flow and encourage a stronger erection (and of course, vibrations that stimulate and satisfy both partners).

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Everyone with a clit deserves to experience at least one orgasm from the Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure. This toy is no joke - between the impressive suction and the firm clit-licking tongue, you can count on it to give them an orgasm so strong that they’ll forget what day of the week it is. The handle of this rechargeable toy also doubles as a vibrating dildo for G-spot stimulation, making the Fantasy For Her a triple-threat that’ll leave them buzzing with enough energy to climb Mt. Everest.

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The Smooth Talker

Shop Our Suction Collection

These are the toys for the people in your life that can charm the pants off of anyone (sometimes literally 😛). The one that can skip the line (no matter how long it is) just by flashing their most mesmerizing smile at the bouncer. Or, the friend that knows justtt how to compliment the chef at the restaurant to score a specially-made dessert – on the house. For the people that always know just what say (and how to say it), here’s a couple toys that’ll suck up to them even better than they suck up to everyone else:

Avant’s D15 Vision of Love dildo is a multi-colored masterpiece that captivates at first sight (and at first orgasm). This vibrant suction dildo has a cup at the base that lets it stick firmly onto any flat surface (like the bedroom floor or the bathroom wall). The soft material of this toy makes it amazingly comfortable to use, while the length of the shaft is just right for riding and grinding until they’re experiencing an orgasm that takes their breath away.

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Don’t let the innocent design and cute bow-tie on this Satisfyer Penguin fool you – the orgasms from this toy are powerful enough to make *anyone* speechless. This petite suction vibrator uses pressure wave technology to simulate the sucking of oral sex, with seemingly simple movements that quickly build in intensity until the user is tumbling into a climax that rocks their body from top to bottom (and back again).

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The Partner In Crime

Shop Our Glass Collection

Everyone needs someone in their life that’s down for absolutely anything. The ones that’ll call off work to go on a last-minute road trip (just because) or crawl through your kitchen window when you get locked out of your apartment (for the 5th time). For the person that’s always there when you need them, these glass toys are solid as ice (just like your friendship).

The Icicles No. 60 glass dildo has super-detailed criss-crossed ridges and ripples that mimic real veins and texture to create enhanced sensations with every stroke. This hand-blown toy will never disappoint (just like your ride-or-die). It’s incredibly firm, with a smooth glossy finish that feels like paradise and an artistic design that deserves to be on display in a museum. The sturdy glass of this toy can be heated up or cooled down to their liking - simply run the dildo under warm water to raise the temperature or slide it into the refrigerator for a few minutes for an intense cooling sensation.

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Honestly, we think that the Icicles No. 76 butt plug is more than a sex toy - it’s like a work of art (but for your ass). This beautifully-crafted toy is tinted red and shaped like a rose at its base, for an extraordinarily unique look. Whoever you gift it to can play around with the temperature of the toy by warming it or cooling it down (using their hands or water at whatever degree they prefer). And, when they’re done, cleaning up is easy - just run it through the dishwasher!

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The Goody-Two Shoes

Shop Our Silicone Collection

We love the friends that actually listen to the safety instructions during the flight (every. single. time). You know, the ones that always wait for the symbol to show up before they cross the street and would never ride a bike without wearing a helmet? For the cautious friends that are all about playing it safe, give ‘em something they can feel confident with - like a bacteria-resistant, super-durable silicone toy: 

We’re pretty sure they named this toy the “quiver” because that’s what it makes people do the second they turn it on. The VeDO Quiver is a super-smooth G-spot vibrator with ripples along the shaft that will massage every single one of their deepest kinks. This toy is made from premium, body-safe silicone, which means that it’s free from chemicals and toxic materials that don’t belong inside the body. Their ** deserves only the best – and the Quiver is just the toy to give them exactly what they need.

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The best thing about Dame’s Kip Vibrator is that it delivers all the intensity and power of a more traditional toy while being small enough to fit in someone’s palm. This high-quality silicone vibe has a slightly cupped, angled tip that lets them maneuver it into position so that the fluttering vibrations are targeting their sweet spot, exactly the way they need it to. Kip is better than a bullet vibrator since it’s lightweight, but with a distinctive design that makes it easier to grip. So, that means that they can hold it in place comfortably until they have an orgasm that makes their neighbors think an earthquake is happening.

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Let’s Wrap Things Up

If you're still not sure what to get the nice people on your naughty list, leave the choice up to them and gift them a Simpli Digital Gift Card instead. That way, they can find themselves a toy that fills them up with holiday cheer.

Perfect! Now that their presents are covered, why not treat yourself and try something new? Did you see something from the list that you know you’d like? Grab it or head over to our site to explore our extensive sex toy collections.

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