Types of Dildos: A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys

Types of Dildos: A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys

Sex is great, but have you tried incorporating sex toys? Whether you have sex with yourself, a partner, or multiple partners, dildos can turn a ho-hum sexual experience into a toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm fest. 

Plus, anyone can use dildos — regardless of how you identify or what type of body you inhabit. Pleasure is for everyone! Let’s talk about the different types of dildos and how you can use them to have the best orgasms of your life (so far, that is). 

What Kinds of Dildos Are There?

It might surprise you how many types of dildos are out there. But it shouldn’t — after all, there’s evidence that people have been using dildos for thousands of years! 

Our ancestors may have had entirely different lives than us, but they knew what was up when it came to sexual pleasure. They were truly ahead of their time! 

There are plenty of different ways to categorize dildos, so let’s hit the highlights.

Classic Dildos

Always respect your elders — the classic dildo remains one of the most popular for a reason. But what makes it such a “classic?” 

While these types of dildos may not have all the same bells and whistles as some others, they have staying power because they do what they’re supposed to do without taking the attention off of you. 

Classic dildos are usually naturally shaped and affordable. They’re a great place to start if you’re just dipping your toes into the wonderful world of sex toys. You can also size up if you want to feel more full — some classic dildos even come in extra large varieties (it’s okay if you’re a size queen, no judgment from us!).

G-Spot Dildos

If you have a pussy and are into penetration, don’t sleep on the G-spot dildo. These dildos are shaped specifically to hit that “oh my god, yes” button just inside your body, helping deliver powerful, full-body orgasms with minimal work. In some situations, it’s okay to be a pillow princess! 

The G-spot is your magic button if you want to learn how to squirt, too. Choosing a dildo that targets that area can help you discover your body’s ability to perform this coveted, hot-as-hell sexual extra-credit act. 

We apologize ahead of time for all of the people knocking down your door or subscribing to your Only Fans. 

Realistic Dildos

Like your dildos to look a little more realistic? Realistic dildos give you all of the benefits of that good dick without worrying about getting tired or losing hardness. The best part about realistic dildos is that you can pick and choose the qualities you find hottest — want super detailed dick veins? You got it. Prefer to grab a handful of balls while you f*ck yourself? We’ve got that too! 

If you’re flying solo, you may want to look for a realistic dildo with a suction cup base. It can be exhausting to hang onto your dildo while you’re f*cking yourself; a suction cup allows you to slap it on any hard surface and enjoy your time without giving yourself a hand cramp. Try it in the shower!

A quick side note — if you’d rather get f*cked by something that looks more like a tentacle than a human dick, never fear. There are options for that too. That’s the beauty of how many different types of dildos are out there! 

Double Dildos

Is there anything hotter than sharing your experience with your partner? Double dildos, also called double-sided dildos, allow you to get penetrated at the same time you’re penetrating your partner. After all, aren’t two heads better than one?

You can use double dildos vaginally or anally, or if you’re flexible enough, you can use one on both of your holes simultaneously. Make sure never to go ass-to-pussy in the same session — it’s just asking for an infection. 

Butt Plugs

While they’re not traditional dildos, butt plugs still fit the bill. Butt plugs are meant specifically for butt sex, although there are plenty of ways to do that! Choose an option you leave in your ass while enjoying other forms of pleasure (like anal beads or a traditional butt plug), or go with one that vibrates or is made for more active penetrative f*cking.

If you have a prostate, check out prostate massagers, designed to tickle your P-spot and show you how game-changing prostate orgasms can be. 

Safety tip — when using anything in your ass (or your partner’s ass), don’t leave anything in there that doesn’t have a flared base. Ask anyone in the ER; they all have a story about someone who’s come in needing an object retrieved from their butt. Flared bases help protect you from that without losing any of the sensations. 

Let’s Talk Material 

Choosing the best type of dildo for you is your most important decision. But we’d argue that choosing the right material is almost as important — it’s a big part of your enjoyment! 

Most types of dildos are made from one of two materials — silicone or glass — so let’s talk about them!


Silicone dildos are a softer material, which is great if you’re looking for a dick that feels more like the real thing. Silicone is also more flexible, which is why a lot of double-sided dildos use this material. 

It’s popular for a reason. Some companies have even taken that to the next level by creating hyperrealistic sex toys (like pocket pussies) nearly indistinguishable from actual human anatomy. 

There is a downside, though. Silicone does tend to hold onto more bacteria than other materials, so you must take the time to clean them thoroughly when you’re done. 


Glass dildos are the other side of the spectrum — where silicone is soft and flexible; glass doesn’t have any give. There’s no forgetting it’s not the real thing when you’re getting penetrated by one, but for some people, that’s part of the excitement of using them. 

One thing glass dildos have working in their favor is how easy they are to clean — many of them can even be popped in the dishwasher! They’re also super long-lasting if you take care of them correctly.


Who doesn’t love a little cold play? There are many metal dildos available these days, and for good reason (Le Wand, anyone?). Most commonly, you can find stainless steel and aluminum designs, both incredibly easy to clean. 

While metal may seem like an odd choice, the unforgiving pressure and stiffness can be perfect for a little rougher play. It heats up to your or your partner’s body, making the experience as versatile as you are.

Why Is Lube Important?

It doesn’t matter if you’re putting your dildo in your partner’s ass or your own pussy (not in that order, of course!); don’t play without lube. Lube is crucial for getting the right glide during penetration and keeping everything safe, sexy, and comfortable. 

You can’t just grab any lube and go to town, though. There are some specific rules about which lubes go well with which materials. Not paying attention to that can detract from your experience or cause your toys to break down faster than they should. 

A good rule of thumb is to stick with water-based lube as much as possible unless you’re about to mess around in the shower or the hot tub (they wear off too quickly, which can put an early end to your fun). Silicone lubes are great for that, but only if you’re not using a silicone dildo.

How Do I Use a Dildo?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to using a dildo — it will depend on what holes you want to fill and how you want to fill them. However, there are some general rules for how to make using them as safe and pleasurable as possible. 

Clean Your Dildo First

Hopefully, you cleaned your dildo after the last time you used it. However, it’s a good rule of thumb to clean your dildo again before you use them (especially if it’s fresh out of the package and your first time using it!). 

If you’re unsure what the best way to do that is, check the manufacturer's guidelines!

Warm It Up

As realistic as dildos can be, they’re not the real thing. One of the ways this is most obvious is in the temperature difference between a real dick and a synthetic dildo. To counteract the shock of trying to shove a cold dildo into a warm hole, take steps ahead of time to warm it up. 

A few minutes under warm water does the trick, as does putting it between your thighs while you enjoy a little foreplay. 

Don’t Forget Foreplay

Sure, you don’t have to wait for a dildo to get hard to use it. That doesn’t mean you get a free pass to not engage in at least a little foreplay with your partner (or yourself) beforehand. Even if you’re using plenty of lube and backdoor-only sex, arousal is crucial to the enjoyment and eventual orgasms. 

Clean It Again!

If you’re like us, you’re probably far more likely to roll over and pass out after sex than get up and clean your sex toys. We get the impulse, but cleaning your dildos doesn’t take long and can save you a world of hurt in the future. 

Just a quick once over with soap and water is all you need to keep yourself and your partners safe. 

Explore Your Other Options

While dildos make up a considerable percentage of sex toys, there are plenty of other options to explore. If you enjoy the feeling of using a dildo (either on yourself or on your partner), don’t let your curiosity and sexual openness stop there. 

Want an example? Take your dildo game to a new level by using it in a strap-on harness. If you love being able to penetrate your partner but want to give your arms a break, strap-on harnesses allow you to use it in an even more similar way to a real penis. It’s empowering, hot as hell, and super fun to use.

Many of the dildos we discussed also come as vibrators, allowing you to penetrate while stimulating them in other, even more, intense ways. Take rabbit vibrators, for instance. 

While the main part of the vibrator is a fairly standard dildo, there is an extra part on the front side designed to stimulate the clitoris. For most people with this anatomy, clit stimulation is the only way to get off, so why ignore it?

It’s not just sex toys that can help turn you on more than ever, though. Plenty of bondage supplies can help you tie your partner up, strap them down, blindfold them, and just go to town on their body in a new, exciting, slightly naughty way. Just make sure you have a safe word!

Can Dildos Spread STIs?

We’re pro-sex, anti slut-shaming at Simpli Pleasures — do whatever you want to do as long as it's consensual and legal. However, if you’re planning on using your sex toys with multiple partners, we want to ensure you do it as safely as possible. 

When you think of your sex toys, especially dildos or anything else you’re using to penetrate your partner (or partners), think of them as an actual cock. Sex toys come into contact with a lot of body fluids, which is super hot, but that also means there’s the potential for them to spread any STIs in that fluid. 

Before having sex with a new partner, we recommend getting STI testing (and require your partner to do it, too). You may even want to consider using a condom on your dildo if you’re using it during a one-night stand or having sex with multiple people. And always, always clean your sex toys when you’re done using them — no exceptions! 

Let’s Summarize

There are many types of dildos — so many that it can be overwhelming to decide which is the right one for you. When you consider how you plan to use it, though, and other crucial factors like material and the importance of lube, you’ll have the most mind-blowing, game-changing orgasms of your life. 


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