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Behind The Scenes Of Our Logo Launch: Simpli Pleasures

 Simpli Pleasures –  March 26 2022

Behind The Scenes Of Our Logo Launch: Simpli Pleasures

 Simpli Pleasures –  March 26 2022

SStarting today, when you land on the Simpli Pleasures website in search of a new sex toy, you won’t see the Simpli Pleasures heart-inspired logo that has been familiar across the industry for the past nine years. Instead, you’ll see an evolved logo designed with playful shapes based on intentional concepts.

When our CEO of Simpli Pleasures, Clayton Ferguson, tasked the Marketing & Branding Team to design a new logo, they decided to take on a full rebrand. The results? A Brand Book filled with customer personas, brand words, our company archetype, the emotions we intend to evoke, a humorous brand voice, a vibrant color palette, and cool new slogans. But, the biggest discovery of them all was the new logo.

The old & The New

The Why

When you look at the original logo, what comes to mind? That’s the first question we asked ourselves when we sat down to look at the logo. Someone said “swans”, while others noted the obvious heart-like shape, another chimed in, “But, a heart that has two parts, the two halves with pink and the black... is the logo representing a relationship?”. A team member added some clarity, “It’s supposed to be an ‘S’ and a ‘P’ for Simpli Pleasures”.

The next question we asked was, “Does the logo represent who we are today?.” This was met with a unanimous response across the remote meeting - “No.”

True Intention

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t fearful when we first decided a logo change was on the roadmap. Questions like, “Will our customers recognize us?” and “It might mean a lot to us, but what will a logo change mean to our customers?” were hot topics for months leading up to the launch.

But, throughout the process, we realized that a logo change would allow us to authentically live our cool new slogans: Try Something New, Dare To Discover, and Prioritize Play.

Roots Remain

The original logo was designed for less than the cost of a Manhattan cheeseburger, when the company had only $6,000 in the bank. It’s where Simpli Pleasures began. We knew we wanted to honor our Simpli Pleasures history by bringing a part of the old logo into the new design. We chose to continue the color, ‘Pleasures Pink’, to symbolize the foundation of playfulness and passion that the company has and continues to grow upon.

Purpose is emphasized

We set out with the intention that the new logo would be able to tell our company story. We did this through the use of shapes. Simpli Pleasures always has, and always will, start with the customer. To highlight this, the circular shape in the bottom left of the logo represents our customers, and our purpose: to make them feel good.

The curvy shape in the center is used to represent the variety in our catalog and the path each customer takes to find the perfect sex toys.

Lastly, the splash, placed in the top corner of the logo, is the physical representation of pleasure: an orgasm.

Spark Curiosity 

You may notice that all three shapes combined create a stenciled 'S'. (Shhh…it's our little secret).

The slightly hidden letter emphasizes one of our most important promises to our customers: that we’ll always keep our relationship discreet. It also acts as a reminder that when you step outside your comfort zone, you can look at things in a new way and discover some of life’s most pleasurable aspects.

Universally Unique 

Simpli Pleasures has not only a wide variety of sex toys, but also an incredibly expansive audience. Our customers include people of different ages, genders, sexualities, experience levels, preferences, and kinks. We wanted to represent that in the new logo and that’s why each shape is unique.

We also wanted to emphasize that pleasure isn’t reliant on another individual - each shape stands independently, but can play together.

Make It Playful 

Lastly, we looked at the wordmark - the text. We played with the ‘p’ in Simpli to showcase the desire to be different and to stand out. We tilted both ‘e’s’ in the word ‘pleasures’- one ‘e’ highlights that everyone experiences pleasure and sexuality uniquely, and the other tilted ‘e’ showcases our desire to encourage exploration.

What’s Next 

You might see some more icons, color, typography, and awesome new visual elements on the site over the next few months. This is to better communicate playfulness throughout the shopping experience.

Otherwise, we remain Simpli Pleasures - still selling the best sex toys on the market, with free shipping on orders over $75, awesome sales, 24/7 Customer Care, and 60-Day Returns.