A Guide On How To Prepare Yourself For Anal Sex

When it comes to anal sex or play of any kind, whether it’s with your partner or with sex toys, practicing safe and clean sex is a responsibility that must be prioritized, and anal hygiene tools are just what you need to prepare for incredible anal sex. There are several ways for you to be hygienic anal play preparation, which are listed here:

1. Anal Douche

Long-lasting and reusable, anal douches are an excellent anal hygiene tool that you can frequently use, and it’s perfect for beginners. These anal douches are easy to use and small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. With an anal douche, you fill the pump with water, insert the tip inside you, and squeeze the pump to push the water into the anal canal to flush away impurities. The basic design of an anal douche is a slim tip that is small enough to comfortably slide inside you, even if you’re a beginner to anal play, and a squeezable pump. Some anal douches have interchangeable tips so that you can customize the douche and make it more pleasurable for you to use. Here are some examples of the anal douches that we offer here at Simpli Pleasure:

California Exotics COLT Beaded Anal Douche

This anal douche has a slim tip for a simple cleansing and a beaded tip for a more enjoyable cleansing experience. The COLT Anal Douche is perfect for a quick, yet thorough, rinse to prepare you for clean and safe anal play.

Cloud 9 Deluxe Anal Soft Tip Enema Douche W/ Ez Squeeze Bulb

Simple and easy to use, the Cloud 9 Deluxe Soft Tip Anal Douche features a curved and slim nozzle that effectively cleanses you.

Note: Just like anal sex toys, make sure to use an anal lubricant with your anal douche to make cleansing more comfortable for you. The water you use should be lukewarm, and avoid using any type of soap with the water because the soap may irritate the sensitive anal canal skin.

2. Enema Kits

Enemas are like jumbo-sized anal douches because you can hold more water inside the pouch that comes in enema kits, and most of them are disposable. Some of these kits have a cleansing solution, but it’s best to use just lukewarm water because the solution can irritate the lining in the anal canal.

3. Shower Douche

If you want more frequent and convenient cleansing where you don’t have to refill a pump or plastic pouch, you can use a shower douche like the Cal Exotics Universal Water Works Douche System that you can attach to your plumbing and rinse yourself. When using a douche that you can use with your plumbing, make sure you test out the water pressure and temperature before you insert the end of the douche inside you.

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