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Xgen Original Bodywand

3.9 19 reviews
3.9 19 reviews

Xgen Original Bodywand

Bodywand Original Massager With AC Power Cord Black
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Bodywand Original Massager With AC Power Cord Black
Customer Reviews
3.9 Based on 19 Reviews
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    04 Mar 2021
    Jon h.
    Awsome purchase

    I like the product and its priced just rite

    07 Nov 2020
    Celine M.
    Good product. love it.

    Good product. love it.

    08 Oct 2020
    Why I Highly Recommend BODY WAND over All other brands of electric massagers

    I bought my new Body Wand Plug-In Blue Massager to replace my old one, which is 5 years old. My old one is not broken at all. It was simply starting to look old, and I decided to replace it. That said, here are 3 reasons I recommend THIS massager over hitachi and all the other brands: 1) This one has a wheel on the handle which you can locate and use with just one finger to change the speed up or down. Every millimeter on that wheel is a whole new speed, so there are LOTS of speeds! From a gentle buzz, to OMG somebody help me! Hitachi and the other brands only have a slider on the handle, with far fewer speed options. 2) This one has the longest average life-span, with the fewest reported broken motors or other malfunctions. BUT..... The most important reason I recommend Body Wand is... 3) This Body Wand massager has VENTILATION HOLES along the handle, which are there to help keep the motor from over-heating. All massager's motors will heat up during use. However, the Body Wand is the least likely to over-heat because it has those ventilation holes (assuming it is used with care, and the user is paying attention, just as you should be with every electrical appliance). An over-heated motor can blow, and then no more wand. An over-heated motor that blows can also cause injury, or even become a fire hazzard. So...... I chose Body Wand (twice in 5 years) because in my opinion it is the easiest to use, the most powerful, has the most variable speeds, and it has the all-important ventilation for the motor. You still need to use it with care and not let it get TOO hot, but I honestly feel it is the safest choice on the market. PS... I do Not know if the black Body Wand plug-in massager has ventilation or not. Will you enjoy this bad-boy? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. (Btw, it's also great as a massager for sore neck, shoulders, back, and leg muscles.) (And yes, those attachments that you see in this section DO fit on this massager.) One last thing... Always UN-PLUG IT when you are not using it. Then you will be extra safe AND extra happy :))) XO!

    24 Sep 2020

    The product is easy to use and very powerful

    25 Aug 2020
    Joseph S.
    I haven't seen my wife in months...

    I think I've made a terrible mistake.

    14 Jul 2020

    looks just like the picture. Works amazing. Wayyyyyy better than the one from Adam and eve.

    13 Jul 2020
    Good !!

    Good !!

    07 Feb 2020
    The M.
    Best option available

    We have 3 of these and have tried 20+ more. This is by far the best option for a wand. She was scared of the size and power at first but now she begs for it everytime. The roller switch is the only way to go for the strength you want. I have bought a $300 wand in the past and she asked to get this one back. It has been working great for 4 years now. I bought more for when it does break so she won't have to go without. It doesn't have random vibration modes like some but we found they don't seem to help anyway. Just by it and make it the best night of her life!

    30 Jan 2020
    Works well

    Works well

    12 Dec 2019
    Fast shipping

    I absolutely love it!!