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Thunderstick Extreme Power Wand - Black

3.7 12 reviews
3.7 12 reviews

Thunderstick Extreme Power Wand - Black

Master Series Supercharged Thunderstick Power Wand Body Massager Black 13 Inch
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Master Series Supercharged Thunderstick Power Wand Body Massager Black 13 Inch
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3.7 Based on 12 Reviews
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    18 Jan 2021
    Lawrence D. Partash
    Great price great buy!!!!

    Good variable vibrations, no issues the head is larger then expected all in all works great.

    11 Sep 2020
    Anthony C.
    Blast off

    Men. Get this for you partner and edge them to oblivion. Use extra towels.

    11 Oct 2019
    Very nice

    I have had it for over 6 months and it works great, it does overheat but it takes a decent chunk of time

    22 Sep 2019

    okay. so like. YA'LL. the amount of weaksauce knockoff hitachis i've bought is frankly upsetting!! i've been trying to find a reasonably priced one with an actual CORD that PLUGS IN (so many don't even mention whether they have one or not!) so i don't keep having the battery die on me right when i REALLY DONT NEED BATTERIES TO DIE ON ME, and finally found my holy grail with the thunderstick if ya'll are actually buying this for your G-rated muscle pain, i'm sure you'll be happy with this too, but i, like most people, bought this for more *cough* intimate *cough* reasons, and ya'll, just to get super real with you? this thing literally actually makes my eyes *roll back in my head* even on the lower settings, this thing is like.... REALLY GOOD!!!

    29 Aug 2019
    Absolutely Wonderful

    Fantastic item. Wife loves it. The new go to when things gotta get done!

    15 Jun 2019
    Regina K.
    Best wand ever!

    2 minute orgasm!

    08 Apr 2021
    Lloyd W.
    One of the Best made I’ve found

    This is a powerful small unit and it will get the job done. I believe there should be less insulation on the vibrating head and more on the hand held area itself. Be sure to keep the motor ventilation ports open or it will overheat which will shorten the life. As with all vibrators be sure not to over bend the head to much during use or it could break like the Magic Wand. Over all this is among the most powerful units I have found on the market. Magic wand has gone downhill since being sold and is no longer as powerful.

    02 May 2020
    Ross O.
    Lught , durable and very useful

    The top speed was just a little shy of the intensity needed to actually massage sore muscles . yet the top speed is MORE THAN SUFFICIENT for intimate and couples use.

    21 Aug 2020
    Dannette B.
    Good. Not a strong vibration

    Not very strong

    29 May 2021
    Simpli Pleasures

    Hi! Thanks for leaving a review. It is unfortunate that the item you received is not up to your satisfaction. As per our Pleasure Promise we will definitely make things right for you! Please contact us at 1-800-918-6308 or email us at so we can further assist you. Kind regards, Mary | Simpli Customer Care 1-800-918-6308

    24 Oct 2020
    Defectiive vibration control roller switch

    Defective right out of the box. Once turned on, the vibration starts and within a second, it drops to lower vibration setting. Slight touch of roller control and you can tell is has a shortage. Poor design on vibration control. Roller switch doesn't work correctly. Low torque and not quite as described.

    29 May 2021
    Simpli Pleasures

    Hi! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will forward your concern to the manufacturer of the product to look into this. Please contact us at 1-800-918-6308 or email us at so that we can start your exchange process for the toy. Kind regards, Mary | Customer Care 1-800-918-6308