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Tantus Ripple Small | silicone beads with base

4.7 19 reviews Over 700 Sold!
4.7 19 reviews  |  Over 700 Sold!

Tantus Ripple Small | silicone beads with base

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butt Butt
Another great beginners toy! Tantus Ripple Small Beaded Silicone Butt Plug starts small and grows just slightly along the graduated bubbles.  Its graduated design is starter size - smaller than a finger tip to start, and 1" across at the widest point.
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Midnight Purple
butt Butt
Another great beginners toy! Tantus Ripple Small Beaded Silicone Butt Plug starts small and grows just slightly along the graduated bubbles.  Its graduated design is starter size - smaller than a finger tip to start, and 1" across at the widest point.
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Key Benefits
Additional Features
Another great beginners toy! Tantus Ripple Small Beaded Silicone Butt Plug starts small and grows just slightly along the graduated bubbles.  Its graduated design is starter size - smaller than a finger tip to start, and 1" across at the widest point.
  • Base type: Flared
  • Circumference: 3.4 inches
  • Insertable Length: 4.75 inches
  • Length: 4.95 in
  • Width/Diameter: 1 in. at largest point
  • Body Safe: Yes
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Flexibility: Flexible
  • Material: Silicone
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Waterproof: Submersible
    Extra Info
  • Adventure Level: Beginner
  • Anal Safe: Yes
  • Harness Compatible: Yes
  • Quiet: Yes
  • Who's it for: For Men and Women
  • Smooth texture allows for easy insertion
  • Wide base allows for maximum control when used with a harness
  • Ample base keeps you safe
  • Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
  • Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher Safe
  • Completely phthalate and latex free
  • Always choose a great quality water based lubricant to enjoy in combination with the Tantus Ripple, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone and soft toy materials.
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    04 Apr 2021


    Very nice quality item. Great for beginners. Material is of good quality silicone. Worth the money since I see this toy lasting for quite a long time.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    This toy will last you from your beginner days to your sexpert sessions. ♥- Simpli Comedians

    29 Mar 2021

    Great Beginner Plug

    This is a great beginner plug. Each ripple gets gradually bigger is size and it is the perfect length. If you not a beginner, I would probably pass on this, because you would probably have trouble keeping it in place.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    Like we always say here, beginners deserve to finish too. ;) ♥- Simpli Comedians

    17 Jan 2021

    Good size, awesome feeling

    Not big at all, my wife loves it, so do I. Get it and you wont regret it. Would recommend it to everyone.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    Sometimes, the biggest 'gasms cum (heh) in smaller packages. ♥- Simpli Comedians

    26 Jul 2020

    Five Stars

    Buy this, now.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    What're you doing reading our response? You heard the happy customer, put the plug in the cart! ♥- Simpli Comedians

    05 Jun 2020
    Lilith S.

    AMAZING! Love Tantus

    I love this toy!!! It's pure silicone and feels amazing. I'm not an anal pro, but this toy is GREAT to work up to anal sex. Tantus is one of the top toy lines. Never buying anything other than 100% silicone again.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    We love helping people discover their new favorite toy. That's OUR favorite. ♥- Simpli Comedians

    24 May 2020


    Very happy with the Ripple Anal Plug. The flared base is easy to hold on for solo use, and the ripple makes for a great sensation when stroking in and out. The last ripple provides enough girth for a nice full sensation. The flared base also makes this easy to hold in when standing. This is a good anal plug for beginners, and nice for experienced users if they are looking for a break from normal anal plugs.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    Whether you're an anal expert or a booty newbie, these beads will have you coming..... back for more. ;) ♥- Simpli Comedians

    26 Mar 2020

    A wonderful choice for beginners!!

    **Intro** If you are curious about anal play, want to see what it feels like, or what to introduce a partner to some new sensations, this is one of the best toys in existence to accomplish this. It's size is modest, it is high quality, the price is right, and the shape is something that most people will like. I would highly recommend this toy for males and females of all sexual orientations. This was my first plug ever, and it was a good one for finding out what butt plugs are like. **Quality & the silicone construction** This toy has been carefully design for safe and fun sexual play. It is made of medical grade silicone. The advantages of this are that it is non-porous, so it is very easy to clean and very smooth. Silicone, compared to other types of rubber, is quite heat tolerant and chemically inert, so you can clean this plug extra well by bleaching it, boiling it, or washing it in the dish washer. The toy has a nice soft rubber-like consistency, about like that of the rubber on a rubber band. It will not give off phalates, and it will not cause latex allergies, because it isn't made of plastic or rubber (AKA latex). There are no seams on the sides of the plug to create sharp or irregular edges. The flanged base is important since it won't allow the toy to slip inside of you where you can't get it to come back out. **The shape** This toy has a series of graduated balls of increasing sizes on it. The first ball is quite small, about 1/2" in diameter, and it rounded on the tip. The largest ball is about 7/8" in diameter. The modest sides of the balls means that this toy is great for first time people. You can push it in past one or two balls, see how you like it, and then go for more if you like. Most people will have anatomy that is large enough to take several of the balls on their very first time. The overall shape of this toy means that it has similar sensation to anal beads when you move it in and out. You will feel each one go in as you are your partner pushes it in, and then feel each one again when it comes out, and it feels really good. For a more pronounced sensation, you can try pulling it out quickly, once you get comfortable with using it. Finally, the rounded tip means that the toy won't feel pokey or sharp when you are getting it started. **Limitations/Things to remember** This plug does have some limitations. I don't consider these to be disadvantages, they are more like reasons to possibly look at other plug designs, because you are looking for something else that this toy can't provide. Here they are: The first limitation is related to this toy being called a "plug," inferring that you can put in it, and it will stay inside you, but it really isn't capable of this. In most cases, it will slip itself out of you if you take your hands off of it. This is particularly true while orgasming. There are other Tantus toys that work better as plugs, like The Ryder, Infinity, Perfect Plug, Perfect Plug Plus, and others. Try these instead if you are going for plugging, and wearing the plug inside you hands-free. The second limitation of this plug is that the base is circular and fairly large. This is wonderful for safety, but it can create quite a bit of bulk between your butt-cheeks. It does flex some to alleviate this, but other newer toy designs by Tanus have overcome this problem, such as the Perfect Plug, which has a more anchor shaped base. The third limitation is that this is a silicone toy, you aren't supposed to be able to use silicone lube on it. Use water-based lube or oil based lube. If you must use silicone-based, put a condom over it. Some people have said that certain high quality silicone lubes *do* work with this toy. I have not tried this, because I'm skeptical. If you want to try though, put a small amount on the base of the plug, and wait for a day or two, and see what happens. The fourth limitation is that this toy is pretty small. This makes it very excellent for beginners, and those with small anatomy, but if you are more experienced, you are going to want something larger. This plug was my first one ever, and I was able to get it all the way in on the first time I used it. This left me wanting for more, so I quickly had to buy a larger one. I don't regret buying this one first, but keep in mind that if you may want to upsize soon after trying this one. If you are an experienced user, this toy will probably be too small for you. **Summary** The cheap cost, effective material, effective shape, modest size, and high quality of this toy makes it an excellent choice for beginners, and a safe choice for some safe and fun play. I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about anal insertion play!! Have fun!!!

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    Thank you for taking the time to fill us up with such long, strong feedback. We'll be better (and walkin' weird in the morning) for it. ♥- Simpli Comedians

    24 Jan 2020

    Worth 5 stars...

    Great product, excellent quality and a perfect size. I highly recommend this for anyone into anal play...

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    And if you're not into anal play? This'll change your mind. So they're pretty much recommending it to everyone. ♥- Simpli Comedians

    23 Nov 2019
    bradley j.

    this is your best choice. Very flexible

    If you are new to this, this is your best choice. Very flexible, pretty thin, and you only go as far as you want. But after a few tries (with lots of lube) you will enjoy all of it. Stop thinking about it and try it.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    You can also keep thinking about it though. :) We like to be thought of. ♥- Simpli Comedians

    21 Oct 2019

    Good for intermediate users!

    Good intermediate toy. It gently helps you push your boundaries without injury. It’s smooth so there’s no uncomfortable poking involved.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    No uncomfortable poking, only the sexy type of poking. ;) ♥- Simpli Comedians

    29 Sep 2019

    The larger one is better for me

    Too small for me

    26 Sep 2019
    Megan V.

    S***ty S***ty Bang Bang

    This first couple of times it made my ass bleed but I'm totally used to it now. I can't get off with out it. :-)

    30 Aug 2019
    GLENN H.

    She loved it

    She loved it!

    17 May 2019
    LuLu L.

    Good for beginners

    I think this is very good for beginners

    20 Apr 2019
    Francisco D.

    Great for anyone wanting to work up to a larger size

    This helps with getting you ready for other play. Really works well unlike beads or plugs the width gets bigger and actually gets you nicely stretched and adapted.

    05 Dec 2020
    Rebecca G.

    Very Good, a Bit Long

    I do enjoy this toy. It is a good width for my body, but it is too long. The final bump doesn't like to stay in without added external pressure, and it is about one inch too long for my body.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    When it comes to some butt plugs, it's less 'one size fits all' and more 'one size pleases all.' ♥- Simpli Comedians

    14 Nov 2020

    Ripples feel great.

    Perfect size and easy to clean. Love this one. Wishing that I would have got bigger size now. Soft and flexible, easy to insert with lube.

    15 Jul 2022

    Simpli Pleasures

    Easy to insert, hard to put down. ;) ♥- Simpli Comedians

    09 Jul 2019

    First sex toy and plug!

    Wow what can I say about this. I ordered the large version of this product and as a beginner to anal play it feels amazing! One shower and I have the whole thing in. Each 'bump' provides an excellent feeling and experience, for those who are just starting off definitely get this. The only down side to ithe is its description of a 'plug'. I can see how they could have advertised this as a plug Def don't expect this thing to stay in comfortably. Also even though it does not have a suction cup the base can still stick to flat sufaces pretty well, tested by my experience in the shower.

    07 May 2020
    Gilles D.

    Three Stars

    It s ok

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    Tantus Ripple Small | silicone beads with base