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19 reviews

Perfect Fit Buck Angel Ftm Kiss X - Clear

19 reviews

Perfect Fit Buck Angel Ftm Kiss X - Clear

Perfect Fit Kiss-X FTM Clitoral Stimulator Clear
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Perfect Fit Kiss-X FTM Clitoral Stimulator Clear
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    26 Jan 2021
    It’s cool!

    I’ve been on T for almost a year and the suction feels great. It’s not amazing but only because I don’t have much growth. Once I grow some more I know I’ll enjoy this more!

    01 Nov 2020
    Barely works

    I'm disappointed by this product, it doesn't work at all as advertised.

    22 Oct 2020
    Leo F.
    Its awesome if you're the right size

    it all depends on your growth and how it feels. I had a lot of trouble with it and it ripped on me. I want to try the other one the buck off and see if its any better. Unfortunately its a lot of trial and error.

    30 Sep 2020
    Doesnt work

    I've been on t for 1 year and 6 months and it doesnt really work it does suction on nicely but it's too soft for it to actually work. I use it as a stress toy mostly.

    22 Jun 2020
    Not too bad!

    I've been about almost 1 year officially on T and have had exceptional bottom growth throughout the time. This baby kiss x does the job. The suction isn't uncomfortable. It's very light and tugs really nicely at your own pace. To preserve the kiss x texture, I would definitely recommend throwing some corn starch on it every once and a while so it doesn't lose that softness it has.

    30 May 2020

    Had my hopes kind of high on this but I'm annoyed by how disappointing it is.. I've been on T for almost a year, plus I'm intersex so I'm slightly large anyway, and this thing still didn't work for me. I tried a bunch of different ways to try to get it to work, including folding it half- sleeve like someone else said, and that didn't work either. The second that is on and starts to actually feel anything, it comes right off and honestly it kind of ruins the entire experience. Not thrilled, doubt I'll even use it.

    23 May 2020
    Just get a sucking vibe.

    I started HRT about 8 months ago and thought I would give this a shot. I knew the Buck Off was sure to be too big for me, so I figured Kiss X would be more my speed. Unfortunately, even 8 months of growth is too small for this. I tried rolling it up half way as others had mentioned, but it doesn't necessarily suction once rolled up. I even tried some things to help harden up and it still was having a tough time. Some mentioned pumping prior to but I'm not really in the market to spend more and more money just to get this little sleeve to work when I could just get a sucking vibe, you know? I know I don't have the biggest growth in the world, but it doesn't really stimulate or help with the HRT boosted sex drive because it just doesn't really fit and ends up popping off from suction every so often. My boyfriend is 2+ years on HRT and the Kiss X looks like it would fit him well despite it being marketed as "pre-hrt". I would say this is more if you haven't gotten something like Meta yet or are pre-op but have quite some time on HRT. It is just way too big for pre-hrt if you don't have a pump on you. I'd think at least a year to get this guy to remotely work. A plus to it, however, is it does kind of help with dysphoria in a way to, for lack of a better term, really jerk it and pull at it if you are smaller or are new to HRT. It definitely helps feel a bit more masc than a vibe would, but if you are using it to actually get some arousal out of it rather than just feel euphoric, this isn't necessarily the product for you.

    19 Mar 2020
    Not the solution it promises

    Doesn't work. Won't hold suction, it doesn't matter what you try or how well endowed you are, especially if you are pre t. Invest in something else, this isn't what it promises. The videos you find online of it in use are misleading to say the least. I should have listened to the other reviews and regret buying it

    03 Mar 2020
    5 fingers

    An amazing product that I didn’t know existed and now I’m in love

    20 Jan 2020
    Its a no from me

    I'm a bigger guy but still couldn't get this product to work. Also, mine came defective with a hole on the inside that almost tears through. Not a good product