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Lovebotz Ultra Bator Thrusting & Swirling Automatic Stroker

2.9 17 reviews
2.9 17 reviews

Lovebotz Ultra Bator Thrusting & Swirling Automatic Stroker

Ultra Bator Thrusting And Swirling Automatic Stroker
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Ultra Bator Thrusting And Swirling Automatic Stroker
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2.9 Based on 17 Reviews
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    23 Nov 2020
    Can't take it apart to clean it? Here's what worked for me.

    Absolutely amazing orgasm. It would be great if it wasn't quite so shallow, but still the best I've found so far. The problem is after you use it once and go to clean out your deposit, it won't come apart as they say in the description on the box. For two days I twisted the black part on the end to try to unscrew it clockwise like it said on the box and it was like a puzzle box. It would only move clockwise and counterclockwise about 1 millimeter, no matter pushing or pulling it would not budge. I emailed the company another reviewer mentioned and didn't receive a response, although in fairness I sent it on a Saturday and kept trying to figure it out by myself because I wanted to use it again, but not in the state it was in! So I tried literally everything to get that end piece off and nothing worked until I turned the whole thing to face away from me and I grasped the end part, the black circle part (where you insert) with my left hand and the clear plastic circular tube with my right hand and I twisted both pieces back and forth and nothing was giving way at all. Suddenly the black circle end part popped off. You have to be pulling the black circle part away from you. Now, when you do it with the insertion end facing you the black circle end comes off immediately when you turn it to the right and locks when you twist to the left. They obviously should do this before it leaves it's manufacturing point, but all I have to say is this thing is amazing once you figure out how to clean it.

    06 Mar 2020
    Gary L. Cripe
    Awesome product


    17 Sep 2019
    Greatest toy I own

    This is the most amazing electronic masterbator I've ever used! Gets me off every time, usualy in a few minutes. Just make sure you use plenty of lube!

    09 May 2019
    todd d.
    Five Stars

    Great item

    27 Apr 2019
    Hands free fun that will go for more than an hour and not get tired.

    THIS... is a fantastic toy if you like a long slow buildup, or direct intensity, or being worked over hands free, the versatility goes on. Lay on your back with a few pillows behind you to keep you elevated. Put a pillow in front of you in a V shape between your open legs and set this on it and plug yourself into it. Try varying depths of entry from "light touch when the end nubs tickle your tip or "slide in deep for a nice direct massage". Hands free fun that I never hold, just rest while it works me over tirelessly Good batteries last over an hour and it is quality built and has plenty of power, which can be a problem with a toy like this, but not this one. I've had one before and had to get this again and would do so again from this vendor.

    12 Apr 2019
    10/10 must buy. Will suck the life out of you

    Must have for anybody who wants the life sucked out of them whenever they want. I was skeptical at first but got this in the mail, waited till I was alone and lubed up the cock and the insert on the ultra gator and had my mind blown. As every man knows not every girl you meet will deep throat you and make it feel good. Don’t expect it with this. I’ve heard I have a slightly above average piece. 8 1/2” and pretty girthy. This machine will handle about four and a half inches of insertion. Which is perfect! It provides tight suction that slides up and down your cock while also providing three rotation speeds.( first speed tends to bog down but the second and third are perfect). The trick is to put your cock in and leave about an inch from the end of the tube. Then you just hold the machine in place and it slides and rotated down your cock with every rotation at the end tickling 360 degrees around your head. Then when you come( which will be minutes haha) you slow down the speed and let it tickle your head and suck you dry until your full limp and you will be exhausted. Easy to clean to, just pop the cap off and take the insert out. Personally I’ve overflowed it a couple time because I like to use it to edge for about an hour before I just let it go then let the cum be the load to keep me twitching for another ten minutes. 10/10 would buy again even if it breaks. Another couple tips for more adventurous fellows. Using a cock ring and an aneros helix at the same time is out of this world. Kneeling on the bed and putting it between a couple pillows and closing your eyes you’ll really think someone is trying to suck the life out of you.

    18 Feb 2021
    Kan D.
    Keep th batteries fully charged!

    It does it's job well.

    24 Oct 2019
    Go deeper.

    Wish it was deeper but if you like your head played with, this is for you.

    07 Jun 2019
    Feels pretty good, especially once your are in the mood

    Compact and kinda quiet. Feels pretty good, especially once your are in the mood. Unfortunately, the motor is not strong enough to deliver what it says it does. The dude in the video DEFINITELY over-exaggerated the feel. Don't get me wrong it'll do the job, but it could use some more power to REALLY get to the part. If it was a wee bit more narrow so the nubs could "rub" completely against the penis, then that'd be awesome, however it doesn't. The size is perfect, it isn't aimed for bigger parts and the guys who say it's "too small" actually have micro penises and try to make themselves feel better. No, this is actually aimed at average sized guys, which is awesome. I tried the Autoblow 2+ and after 30 seconds (literally) I threw it in the trash. (They wouldn't give my money back anyways so DO NOT BUY that.) Anyways overall pretty good but could be more powerful, and could also be a little bit more tighter.

    07 Nov 2019
    better than

    Less than a pussy, better than nothin'