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International Sex! Coupons

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Product Description

Reward and play with your partner with the International Sex! Coupons!

Cash in the International Sex! Coupons tonight for some amazing sex!

This coupon book instructs you and your partner on a variety of incredibly exciting sexual positions. A diagram on each card perfectly spells out exactly what you need to go to get your steamy lovemaking session started!

The out-of-this-world sexual positions are all listed in different languages for some exciting foreign dirty talk, and will introduce you to some truly life changing coupons such as the Wrangler, the Randy Rider, and everything in-between!

To heighten the excitement, each card comes with a tear-off and writable section for you to write exactly when and where the coupon applies.  Whether you want the coupon to be cashed in on the kitchen counter after dinner or in the bathroom before you go to work, the possibilities for fulfilling your fantasies are endless!

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Key Benefits

  • Set of coupons for exciting and unexpected sex when they are cashed in!
  • Different languages to teach you some impressive foreign dirty talk
  • Learn a variety of amazing new sex positions
  • Tear-off section to customize each card to meet your wildest fantasies!


  • Each card covers on exciting position, in a variety of languages
  • Tear-off inscribable section for stimulating customization

Additional Features