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Anal Fantasy P-Motion Massager | rechargeable vibrating silicone prostate massager

2.8 4 reviews
2.8 4 reviews

Anal Fantasy P-Motion Massager | rechargeable vibrating silicone prostate massager

If you're looking for a rechargeable prostate massager that delivers full-body climaxes, the P-Motion Massager is the perfect choice for you! This premium prostate massager is both ergonomically designed and comes packed with mind-blowing features that offer incredible thrills and explosive results with the simple p...
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If you're looking for a rechargeable prostate massager that delivers full-body climaxes, the P-Motion Massager is the perfect choice for you! This premium prostate massager is both ergonomically designed and comes packed with mind-blowing features that offer incredible thrills and explosive results with the simple push of a button! The P-Motion is strategically designed to rock your prostate'”it features a tapered tip to ease insertion and an angled head that houses a micro-bullet within the silicone to deliver super-strong vibrations directly to your P-spot. Choose between five powerful patterns of vibration and get ready to enter a world of bliss. But that's not all'”hidden beneath the second bead of this incredible anal massager are two rolling balls that continuously move up and down within the soft silicone. This unique massage mechanism rocks like a seesaw against the sensitive nerve endings in the sphincter, stimulating the anal opening like a gently prying finger. As the tiny pleasure balls teeter back and forth inside of you, the head of the massager will also wiggle, pushing against the sensitive prostate while it excites you with each buzz. If you're new to prostate massages, you're missing out on one of the most pleasurable types of stimulation possible! Even anal aficionados have never experienced body-shaking climaxes like this before! The P-Motion is the ultimate vibrating prostate massager designed to give you the most intense, most powerful ejaculations ever imagined. Try the P-Motion in the shower or spa and turn bath time into pleasure time! The wide handle prevents the piece from slipping too far inside while still fitting comfortably between your cheeks. Our body-safe Elite Silicone® is silky-smooth to the touch, hypoallergenic, and made to play hard. Rechargeable Fun! You'll never have to worry about running out of batteries again with this rechargeable bad boy! It includes a standard USB cable so you can charge it using your computer, laptop, phone charger, and virtually anywhere that offers a USB port. In 1.5 hours your P-Motion Massager is fully charged and will thrill you at full power for up to 2 hours. To charge, insert the plug into the small hole at the tip of the base. Every Anal Fantasy box features a FREE 5-piece prep kit to help you ease into comfort and clean up afterwards. The kit includes two finger sleeves, Anal Eaze Insertz® Cream, Moist® Anal Lube, and Refresh® Toy Cleaner. Insertable Length: 5" (12.8 cm) Width/Diameter: 1.5" (3.8 cm) Dual Function Vibrating Prostate Massager 2 Powerful Motors Deliver Intense Stimulation 5-Function Vibrating Bullet Within Tip 3-Speed Sphincter-Stimulating Rocker in Shaft Wide Handle for Safe Play and Easy Removal
  • Circumference: 4.7 inches
  • Length: 6 inches, Insert 5 Inches
  • Width/Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Flexibility: No
  • Material: Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Waterproof: No
    Power & Speeds
  • Battery Info: USB Rechargeable
  • Power Type: USB Rechargeable
  • Vibration speed: Multispeed
    Extra Info
  • Anal Safe: Yes
  • Harness Compatible: No
  • Suction Cup: No
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Discreet
  • Ergomic
  • Multiple Speeds
  • Silicone
  • Phthalate Free
  • Powerful
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Silicone
  • Temperature Sensitive
  • Submersible
Customer Reviews
2.8 Based on 4 Reviews
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    02 Oct 2020
    Four Stars

    As advertised, hits the right spot

    10 May 2019
    United States
    We Started using prostate massage

    We Started using prostate massage back in the fall for the prostate health benefits, and found that Love Making is always a little more pleasurable for both of us when we are using one! We've used this prostate massager several times now. This is our 3rd different prostate massager. The 1st one was a $20 that for the money is a 5* purchase that will travel well or is fine at home(no batteries or charging required), and stays put until you or your partner remove it. The 2nd one was too small or designed wrong as we spent more time trying to keep it inside than we had it in use. This one has a few different vibrating options that are kinda nice for that little extra something. My wife did not like a vibrating C. ring as the vibrations on that was too strong, but does seem to like this as it is a softer vibration as it eminates inside of me instead of right next to her pretty clit than the C. ring that we tried out a couple years back. We would have given this a 5* except we do have to put it back in a little bit, but otherwise it is great. I think that we'd buy it again, and my wife thinks that the prostate massagers are a better $$ investment for health and pleasure than Couple Rings. If you're not sure, then start with a lower price one and move up to this one after a few months. SimpliPleasure has quite a few to choose from on their website.

    28 Oct 2019

    Sometimes I have a hard time believing reviews that say "broke immediately," and things like that, but in this case it's mostly true. Right off the bat, or after a few presses, the middle button, which controls the rotating ball thing, broke. The button, which is under a plastic cover, sunk deeply back into the base, so it can't be pressed anymore. I was disappointed that the end part, the vibrating part, is so completely flexible. The designers made a mistake here. One of the attractions of this thing -- at least as far as I imagined it -- was to be able to sit on it, because it has a flat base. You'd think you'd be able to leverage or control the pressure against your prostate by rocking your hips while sitting. You can't do this, though, because the part just above the ball is so floppy. There's no firm connection or inner support between the bulbous end and the lower part, except probably for the wires going up into the vibrating mechanism. Another case of a product being designed on paper, without enough applied testing. The end result is none of that delightful pressure on the prostate, the whole point of a prostate toy. The lower ball part has a massager inside, but the massager is rather small, and a bit sharp. You can feel the point of it, which pushes against the ball part from inside, upon insertion. A little uncomfortable. They should have made the point that rolls around less sharp, and more rounded. Or a bit larger, say with a little ball end, both so that you didn't feel it as a point, and so that the massager's motions were a little more noticeable. As it is, you hardly notice them, and if the vibrating upper portion is on, the massager is more or less undetectable. You can't exactly return sex toys after you try them. Oh well... A very promising toy, by its description, but misses the mark.

    25 May 2021
    Simpli Pleasures

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    22 Jun 2019
    DON’T BUY THIS!!!!!!!

    I bought this. Used it twice now it won’t stay on after 30 seconds. I know it was fully charged was charging all night. Don’t buy this.!!!

    25 May 2021
    Simpli Pleasures

    Hi Jon, Thanks for leaving a review. I am sorry to hear that your item is faulty, we will be more than happy to help. Please contact customer service so that we can start your exchange process for the toy. Kind regards, Anna | Customer Care 1-800-918-6308