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The 5 Big O's

Did you know there’s more than
one kind of O to sing about?

With a little awareness and attention, you can get the Os you deserve, from the fireworks-on-display kind to the calm

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The clitoris is a small organ with a lot of nerve endings that peeks out from the tiptop of the vulva, is often covered by a hood, and extends down the inside of the labia. The best way to stimulate the clitoris is by gently rubbing with the fingers, palm, or tongue in a back and forth or circular motion.

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Vaginal orgasm is often misconstrued as the “classic” orgasm (read: the easiest for penises), but it’s often the most difficult for women. Instead of a penis, try fingers or a sex toy. Insert the fingers or toy into the vagina and make a “come hither” motion toward the belly button.

This stimulates the G-spot and when you hit it with regular, strong pressure, it can lead to orgasm.

Jopen Callie Mini Bullet Vibe

Booty orgasms are much more common in men and can be achieved by stimulating the prostate by gently inserting a finger or toy and massaging the gland. They can be achieved by women by simply stimulating the outside and inside wall of the anus. When it comes to booty play ALWAYS use lube!

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Jopen Callie Mini Bullet Vibe

In order to achieve a combo orgasm, combine clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time, either in parallel or opposite rhythms — whatever feels best for you or your partner!

Jopen Callie Mini Bullet Vibe

Finally, erogenous zone orgasms are achieved exclusively through a lot of experimentation. You may be able to orgasm from kisses on your neck, teeth on your nipples, or fingers on the inside of your elbows. The best way to find your erogenous zones is to use a feather or another light external object and take note where you feel the most pleasure.

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dual clit flicker

Dual Clit Flicker

"Absolutely amazing! Before the ring, missionary was borderline painful. But now it's probably the most enjoyable position. A godsend."

- Verified Buyer, Dual Clit Flicker Vibrating C Ring

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