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Add variety to your sex toy collection with these best-selling dildos!

Hand-blown to perfection, these beautiful and erotic sculptures deliver delightful pleasure to your inner sweet spots. Glass toys provide a unique type of pleasure that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The slight, natural coolness from a glass dildo will certainly excite your pleasure zones while the rigid form of the glass toy adds more exhilarating pressure for more intensity. Each of our best-selling glass dildo has its own unique design, and most of them are textured to give you extra internal stimulation. Some have a smooth surface for effortless insertion like the Icicles No. 66 Glass Dildo, which is great for those who want a simpler glass-made sex toy. You can also find glass butt plugs for both anal and vaginal penetration in our Top 10 Glass Dildos list.