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Prep yourself for exciting anal play with these innovative anal hygiene tools!

Our Top 10 Anal Hygiene Tools collection features the best-selling essentials to use to prepare yourself for anal sex with your partner or backdoor stimulation with your favorite anal sex toys. The main anal sex necessities you need before engaging in any type of anal sex play are an anal cleanser and anal lubricant. Anal cleansers, often called anal cleansing douches, are similar to a vaginal douche. They’re meant to wash away impurities inside your anal canal before you use your toy or have anal sex with your partner. Anal douches like the California Exotics Anal Douche typically have a bulb-shaped pump that you squeeze to squirt water inside your anal canal. The slim nozzle allows for effortless, non-intimidating insertion for more comfortable use; some anal douches come with extra nozzle components (e.g., California Exotics COLT Beaded Anal Douche) for more stimulation while you cleanse yourself. Anal lubricants are a must since the anal isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina, and you can make it easier to coat your anal canal with a generous amount of lube with the handy Lube Tube Applicator 2 Pack. If you want to make anal sex less stressful, you can also try an anal desensitizer or relaxing spray such as the Intimate Organics Lemongrass Anal Relaxing Spray.