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Anal Sex Toy Buying Guides

For deeper penetration and challenging anal sex thrills, try our anal dildos!

When you want to amp up your backdoor pleasure, there’s no better way than with an anal dildo. Anal dildos are typically designed with a safety base on the end of the toy to prevent the dildo from sliding in too deep (and turning you in an embarrassing E.R. story). Whether you’re looking for slim and gentle to jumbo-sized  dildos that will take you to your limit, beginners and experienced users can find the perfect anal dildos to suit your naughty needs. Be sure to pair an anal lubricant with your anal dildo.

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Keep yourself clean and safe with anal hygiene tools!

Anal hygiene is essential and helps prevent spreading harmful bacteria in your environment, no matter if you want to engage anal sex with your lover or if you want to enjoy your anal sex toys. In our Anal Hygiene collection, we feature anal cleansing douches, shower douche systems, and anal lubricants to provide you with the anal sex necessities you need to practice safe and hygienic backdoor pleasure. Explore our collection and read our Anal Hygiene Guide for more information on the tools you can use.

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Start your arousing and exciting anal adventures with anal beads!

These beginner-friendly anal sex toys are often slim and have a graduated beaded design that allow you to take it slow and make it easy for you to experiment with anal play. Some anal beads even have vibration modes for you to enjoy more stimulation for better backdoor pleasure. If you love anal beads, but want one in a bigger and thicker size, we also offer anal beads in larger sizes for more experienced users. Try one of our anal beads for your sexploration with anal play!

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Expand your sexual pleasure profile and add backdoor pleasure to it because you’ll love these anal sex toys!

Once known as a taboo, anal sex has become more accepted as a sex act among individuals and couples. If you’re looking to fulfill your anal sex fantasies or to make your curiosities a reality, these sensual booty-pleasing toys are available in countless variations to suit your backdoor adventures. From small and beginner-friendly butt plugs that are best for novices to large and uniquely shaped anal probes and dildos for the adventurous and experienced, an assortment of thrilling anal sex toys awaits. Be sure to pair an anal hygiene tool and anal lubricant with your new toy for extra comfortable and effortless backdoor fun. Explore our collection and find one or more anal toys to add to your secret stash of erotic goodies for anal arousal any time!

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